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give someone a blank look

 and give someone a blank stare
to look back at someone with a neutral look on one's face. After I told her to stop smoking, she just gave me a blank look and kept puffing.
See also: blank, give, look

look someone in the face

 and look someone in the eye; stare someone in the face
Fig. to face someone directly. (Facing someone this way is a sign of sincerity.) I don't believe you. Look me in the eye and say that, She looked him in the face and said she never wanted to see him again.
See also: face, look

stare at someone or something

to look fixedly at someone or something. Why are you staring at me? I was staring at the scenery behind you.
See also: stare

stare into something

to gaze fixedly into something. she just sat there, staring into space. Tom stared into the water, hoping to see a fish or maybe a turtle.
See also: stare

stare out at someone or something

1. to be in a place staring outward at someone or something. I stayed in my little room and stared out at the others having fun in the crisp fall air. We stared out at the deep snow.
2. [for a face or eyes visible in a place] to be seen staring outward from that place. Two bright little cat eyes stared out at me from the basket. Her faced stared out of the tiny window.
See also: out, stare

stare someone down

to pressure someone to capitulate, back down, or yield by staring. Don't try to stare me down. I have nerves of steel. I tried to stare down my opponent, but it didn't work.
See also: down, stare

stare someone in the face

1. Go to look someone in the face.
2. [for evidence] to confront someone directly. (Fig. on stare someone in the face; look someone in the face.) Finally, the truth stared me in the face, and I had to admit to myself what had really happened. When the facts in the case stared the jury in the face, there was nothing they could do but acquit.
See also: face, stare

stark raving mad

Cliché totally insane; completely crazy; out of control. (Often an exaggeration.) When she heard about what happened at the office, she went stark raving mad. You must be start raving mad if you think I would trust you with my car!
See also: mad, raving, stark

stare you in the face

to be obvious The answer to this problem was staring him in the face, although at first he couldn't see it.
See also: face, stare

stare something in the face

to deal with something directly We have stared hatred and prejudice in the face and seen what they can do.
See also: face, stare

look somebody in the face

to look directly at someone without fear or shame I don't know how you can look your sister in the face after what you've done.
See also: face, look

be staring somebody in the face

1. if a solution to a problem is staring you in the face, it is very obvious We spent ages wondering how we could make more space in the shop and the answer was staring us in the face all the time.
2. if an unpleasant experience is staring you in the face, it is very likely to happen to you With only one day's supply of water left, death was staring him in the face.
See also: face, stare

be stark raving mad

  (British, American & Australian) also be stark staring mad (British)
to be completely crazy She looked at me as though she thought I was stark raving mad.
See also: mad, raving, stark

stare down

Cause someone to waver or give in by or as if by being stared at. For example, Insisting on a better room, he stared down the manager until he got it. This expression alludes to staring at someone without being the first to blink or lower one's gaze. [Mid-1800s]
See also: down, stare

stare in the face

Also, look in the face. Be glaringly obvious, although initially overlooked, as in The solution to the problem had been staring me in the face all along, or I wouldn't know a Tibetan terrier if it looked me in the face. [Late 1600s]
See also: face, stare

stark raving mad

Totally crazy, as in The constant uncertainty over his job is making him stark raving mad. This term, meaning "completely wildly insane," is used both hyperbolically and literally. Versions of this expression appear to have sprung from the minds of great literary figures. Stark mad was first recorded by poet John Skelton in 1489; stark raving was first recorded by playwright John Beaumont in 1648; stark staring mad was first used by John Dryden in 1693. The current wording, stark raving mad, first appeared in Henry Fielding's The Intriguing Chambermaid in 1734.
See also: mad, raving, stark

stare down

To intimidate someone or cause someone to submit by staring: I was able to stare down the lion, and it turned and ran away. If your enemies try to stare you down, just smile back at them.
See also: down, stare

stare in the face

1. To be plainly visible or obvious to (one); force itself on (one's) attention: The money on the table was staring her in the face.
2. To be obvious to (one) though initially overlooked: The explanation had been staring him in the face all along.
3. To be imminent or unavoidable to (one): Bankruptcy now stares us in the face.
4. To be about to experience or undergo (something dire): We are staring bankruptcy in the face.
See also: face, stare
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Every day I get stared down, especially in that grand corridor that connects the library and the business food court, but I endure the stares and walk past them like I'm walking past empty benches.
In an interview with LDP Business, Mike Stares, director of the building's owner, Rumford Investments, said he was hopeful it would be fully let by the end of this year.
I stare at it And it stares back, That gargoyle on the church, I wait for it To blink or speak, That Gargoyle on the church.
She stated that she had to walk around with her head down because of the stares from the infantrymen.
We discuss the importance of manufacturing and often receive just blank stares and nods in return.
Kenyatta looks up at the ceiling; Delores stares down her breasts; Jasmine's gaze is blanker than ever, and directed at the magazine's cover.
If an entity materially changes its activities and, thus, becomes inconsistent with its charitable purpose, it may not be able to rely on a new determination letter recognizing exempt stares.
Dakota State University teamed with PeopleSoft to bring enterprise software into the classrooms of higher education institutions around the United Stares.
The longer one stares at these sculptures, the more their seeming craft and construction begins, crucially, subtly, to acknowledge itself and fall apart.
In each of those three countries, Renner stares, such timber sales in the 1990s were estimated at more than US$100 million per year.
But I'd like to know why Peter questions their stares and their wonder.
Whenever the three of us hang out together, he stares at my chest.
Rothkamp - who uses the car as her main mode of transportation, shuttling her three kids to and from their activities - said she was drawn to the car's unique look and enjoys the stares.