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Today, Starer has five DVTS units installed--one in Hawaii and one each at the four East Coast locations of his two firms.
That is what makes The Starer one of the most disturbing fellow travellers.
Ellen Zwilich's Fantasy for Harpsichord (1983), for example, is one of many recent compositions that reflect this new level of maturity (I have recorded the work, along with pieces by Piston, Gardner Read, Robert Starer, and Leslie Trimble, on American Harpsichord Music of the 20th Century, Albany Records TROY 457 [2001], CD).
a `refilling nit-silt saver,' a `yare, reeled-in starer,' a `bare, too-strawy cider-boozer,' a `rare suasive kiln-ruer,' a `wan, unaware, tin-gizzarded nut Boer,' a `care-drawer,' a `hare-born, eristic, illicit silage-looter,' a `bare liver,' a `pup,' a `tiny gnat,' a `past rat,' a `bog bard' (a `Gulliver,' even
Organic vine leaves also from Starer are gathered from a vineyard planted with the Sultanina variety.
Titchener's hypothesis is that the source of causality lies in the staree, not the starer, and he refers to attribution of causality to the starer as a misinterpretation of fact.
Mel Gibson sheds his Mr-Nice-Guy image for this hard-as- nails remake of the 60s Lee Marvin starer Point Blank.
STARER Goggle-eyed Doherty ready for the road' SWIGGER Doherty downs drug watched by pharmacist' DANGER Pete cheats the lights in city street Pictures: BIGPICTURESPHOTO.
34 played in nine games last season with the Lions, three as a starer, rushing for 72 yards on 30 carries and catching four passes for 21 yards and a touchdown.
Starer, Robert, American composer, pianist, and writer, d.
Starer was considered the price leader, but its main strength before the purchase was in Riverside and San Bernardino counties.
Tenders are invited for construction of pump house with providing fixing installation of pump motor and mono block pump set with starer pannel at Anjali comples ward No31 under zone 07