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The mother, meanwhile, stared into space blankly while sitting in a corner of the room.
The fresh-faced individual stared into space and droned: "The nature of the ongoing.
Wearing a pair of running trainers and carrying a black designer handbag, the blonde stared into space with her heavy eyes as she made her way to her vehicle.
The heartbroken couple stared into space or looked down at the floor of Court One, avoiding eye contact with Tabak.
Twang to rights: Ellis, left, played guitar and stared into space like famous scene from movie Deliverance while Wain, right, stripped and trashed B&B; Ordeal: B&B boss Caroline
He just stared into space for hours and hours on end, and was eventually sent away to special school at the age of 10.
Gobsmacked Pete stared into space and when Richard asked how long it had been since he saw his dad, he said: "Ten years ago.
Tim Phillips, of the NAS, said: "Monkeys are active, inquisitive creatures but this group just sat and stared into space.
Shop manager Mr Stephen McKervey stared into space as he spoke of the scenes.
In silence they walked to the stage, stood at opposite ends, each clasped their microphone and stared into space.
Shamed stars Mark Walters and Terry Hurlock stared into space after their Old Firm red cards and thought the game was FINISHED when Mark Hateley thumped the dressing-room door open.
Toni, her red-rimmed eyes hidden behind dark glasses, stood beside a pool and stared into space at the luxury resort in Dubai.
Then she stared into space, feeling tragic, and yet aware that she was too fat to be really tragic.
There was one or two limping around while a few of them just sat around and stared into space, trying to take in what had happened.
Nally simply stared into space as friends and family thanked his legal team for their efforts.