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I'll be washed and ironed and starched," he muttered half incoherently.
Seeders was thin and had light hair, and appeared to have been recently rough-dried and starched.
Dressed in shore-togs, a white starched shirt, black jacket, and round hat, as I took him once to see Dona Rita, he was extremely presentable.
She could smell the big bouquet of lilacs, see the pink-flounced parasol, feel the stiffness of the starched buff calico and the hated prick of the black and yellow porcupine quills.
In the afternoon several young girls of Marlott, former schoolfellows and acquaintances of Tess, called to see her, arriving dressed in their best starched and ironed, as became visitors to a person who had made a transcendent conquest (as they supposed), and sat round the room looking at her with great curiosity.
There's nothing to say about him except that he always looks as if he had just been starched and ironed.