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bring (someone or something) to a standstill

To cause a person or thing to stop. The speeding police car, with its flashing lights and siren, brought all the other drivers to a standstill. A sudden reduction in funding brought our research to a standstill.
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come to a halt

To stop abruptly. Every driver came to a halt as the police car, with its flashing lights and siren, sped by. Our research came to a halt after a sudden reduction in funding.
See also: come, halt

come to a standstill

To stop. All the other drivers came to a standstill as the police car, with its flashing lights and siren, sped by. Our research came to a standstill after a sudden reduction in funding.
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bring something to a standstill

to cause a process or a job to reach a point at which it must stop. The accident brought the work to a standstill. The strike brought construction to a standstill.
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come to a halt

to stop; to slow down and stop. Slowly, the train came to a halt. After the bus came to a halt, more people got on.
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come to a standstill

[for something] to slow down and finally stop; to stop completely. (Usually refers to something that is progressing, such as work, traffic, negotiations.) As the strike began, the production line came to a standstill. At the height of rush hour, traffic comes to a standstill.
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come to a halt

Also, come to a standstill. Stop, either permanently or temporarily. For example, The sergeant ordered the men to come to a halt, or With the strike, construction came to a standstill. Both terms employ come to in the sense of "arrive at" or "reach," a usage dating from the 10th century. Also see come to, def. 2.
See also: come, halt

grind to a ˈhalt/ˈstandstill


come to a grinding ˈhalt

stop slowly: All work on the building has ground to a halt because of a shortage of materials.Every Friday night traffic comes to a grinding halt in Hammersmith.
This idiom refers to the way a very large machine slowly stops working, with some of its parts grinding (= rubbing) together.
See also: grind, halt, standstill
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For farms that take advantage, animal movements to the unit will not trigger a six-day standstill on the rest of the holding - only in the QU itself.
During the standstill period until June 2016, NADL will continue to market the Unit for an acceptable drilling contract and the Unit will remain at the Jurong Shipyard in Singapore.
The PTI chairman also condemned the violence and burning of vehicles yesterday by angry MQM workers and expressed concern over the fear that has spread amongst the innocent citizens and businesses of Karachi which has brought the city to a standstill.
The worst areas affected were Sussex and Kent, where the A23 between Crawley and Kent was at a standstill, along with the M23, A26, A27 and A29 after 4in (10cm) of snow fell.
We believe that requiring outside bidders to agree to a long-term standstill also represents a conscious, structural advantage in the strategic sale process for the Company's largest shareholder, JEC Capital Partners ("JEC Capital" or "JEC").
No radiation leak resulted from the pump standstill, the utility said.
A standstill on repaying the debt is seen as a vital step in the negotiating process, allowing Al Jaber to propose new terms for the facilities under discussion without the threat of legal action being launched against it by creditors.
Quoting reliable sources, news agencies reported that as part of Wednesday's meeting, Al Jaber's creditors were shown the draft standstill proposal, and the core committee of lenders made a presentation.
The next big standstill was at Broad Lane crossroads, Moldgreen, then it was straight into another lot tailing back from Waterloo to the crossroads at Greenhead Lane and Dalton Green Lane.
Wind Hellas said on July 1 it had a standstill agreement from creditors to defer until Nov.
The jeweler didn't specify how much of its debt was covered by the standstill, nor until when the standstill period would run.
Traffic heading out of Middlesbrough came to a standstill after the accident at the top of the Newport Bridge slip road.
We are some time away from presenting a restructuring plan," the spokesman said, adding that the next step in the discussions between the debt-laden company and its creditors would be to agree to a standstill.
Dubai World will continue to pay interest on its debt obligations until an agreement on standstill [moratorium on its debt obligations] is reached with creditors," the spokesperson said after company officials met nearly 200 bankers representing more than 90 creditors.
The Bahraini unit of Kuwait's Investment Dar, which is in the midst of a debt restructuring, said it had extended its standstill agreement to March 31, next year.