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so far as it is straining through me, Adolf Naumann: that stands firm," said the good-natured painter, putting a hand on Ladislaw's shoulder, and not in the least disturbed by the unaccountable touch of ill-humor in his tone.
He ensured that the nation of Pakistan stands firm with them in order to ensure full confidence and support for the restoration of Peace and their swift return to their native towns.
The group stands firm against issues like abortion and gay marriage, but still champions proposals like allowing illegal immigrants to receive driver's licenses.
When not one stone is left upon another, Jesus, the stone that the builders rejected, stands firm.
Still, the paper concludes, medicare stands firm on its foundations of still-shared Canadian national values.
Tekelec stands firm in our leadership and commitment to our customers and OEM partners, delivering next-generation switching solutions that support advanced new services, generate revenues and reduce operations costs," said Jay Whitehurst, president and general manager, Tekelec Switching Solutions Group.
Alyse Lazar, a Ventura County attorney representing SCOPE, said the ruling isn't a final victory for the developer because its lawsuit against the 2,500-home West Creek project, where the school and bridge are scheduled to be built, still stands firm.
WinWin stands firm in its belief that the past acts of its board have been lawful, appropriately ratified, and incontestable.
Morrison, who stands firm on his argument that Davey is accountable for the death of a policeman, declined to say whether he would offer Davey a plea bargain.
What do you call him - (one who) stands firm against this dangerous man?
After more than 50 years in the business, we are proud to say that our board stands firm in their belief in the Mooney brand," said Tom Gray, managing director of Mooney Airplane Company.
Taiwan stands firm as the world's third largest manufacturer of computer-related hardware, behind only frontrunner United States and second-place Japan.
A dynamic speaker and leader, Reggie has authored 11 books, the latest of which is "Fighting the Good Fight: America's 'Minister of Defense' Stands Firm on What It Takes to Win God's Way.