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Then, and there, before the judgment-seat, thy mother, and thou, and I must stand together.
a great red letter in the sky -- the letter A, which we interpret to stand for Angel.
Company by company the women doomed their victims, till there were no more left in their number, and were commanded to stand aside together with those whom they had doomed.
And when this company had been ordered to stand aside also together with those whom they had smelt out, the king called aloud to the last of the witch-doctors, asking him of his name and tribe, and why he alone did not do his office.
there they stand, and by them stand those whom they have doomed--the innocent whom, with their wives and children, they have doomed to the death of the dog.
Only I stood still, covered, as I was with mire and filth, for I did not fear to stand in the presence of the king.
The Kit includes all hardware needed to attach the stand bracket to single-bar/post or double-bar/post (up to 6 1/2") hang-on stands.
However, buying enough stands for all your favorite spots can get expensive
3 : to rest, remain, or set in a usually vertical position <A clock stands on the shelf.
U in Eucharist stands for Union with Jesus Christ, Who is Life.
In the case of Judaism, where various branches take different stands on homosexuality, Orthodox Jews have struggled to accept gay men and lesbians.
Even candidates seem a bit fuzzy on what it is, exactly, that the party stands for anymore.
Alex recently completed first grade at Penn Wynne Elementary School in Wynnewood, where about 30 schoolmates have also established lemonade stands to help raise funds.
The athlete stands erect, holding the discus the same as in the bowling drill.
Whether used by hunters to put food on the table, photographers looking to capture nature on film, or lovers of wildlife who want to enjoy animals in their natural surroundings, tree stands have become a popular way to observe nature while remaining unseen.