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As a chief, Standing Bear did what he could to offer comfort.
When the Christian ladies of Milford heard that the chief's daughter was dying, they came hurrying out from the town and prayed with Standing Bear and his people," records Dando-Collins.
Among those who took ill was Bear Shield, Standing Bear's only son.
Standing Bear had lost another son to disease a few years earlier.
Sobbing as he held his dying son, Standing Bear promised that he would.
A few weeks later, Standing Bear led a party of 27 Poncas on an unauthorized trek to their homeland.
While Standing Bear's tiny group continued its desperate journey, Secretary Schurz, informed by Whiteman via telegraph that a band of "renegades" had left the reservation, had dispatched the Army to hunt them down.
Standing Throw #2: This is merely an extension of the double pivot drill performed in Standing Throw #1.
The athlete should concentrate on the movement in the standing throw and be taught not to worry about distance.
The Step-Over Standing Throw #2 can be very helpful to an athlete having trouble finishing the throw.
The coaching cue for Standing Throw #2 is rotate and lift.
After performing the standing throws, we move to the next drill in the progression - the Wheel.
As the season progresses, I replace the Standing Throw #2 with the "Wheel Drill," as the "Wheel Drill" is closer to what is happening in the actual throw and is great for developing balance.
A standing mixer you have to hold with one or two hands is not a labor-saving device.
I also considered the mixing speeds when comparing the standing mixers.
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