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double standard

1. Any set of values or principles that are applied differently and unequally to two or more similar people, groups, or situations. The prime minster was accused of engaging in a double standard regarding his foreign policy, supporting extremism in countries long regarded as allies while decrying the same kind of extremism elsewhere.
2. An unwritten provision granting more sexual freedom to men than to women. The double standard that young men are encouraged to be sexually active while young women may be ostracized for it is still a hugely pervasive problem for many young people growing up today.
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gold standard

1. Literally, a monetary standard where a currency's value is defined by an existing and fixed amount of gold. There are many who believe that the country should return to the gold standard for a more secure means of issuing currency.
2. By extension, a well-established and widely accepted model or paradigm of excellence by which similar things are judged or measured. Her research methodology in the late 1960s has since become the gold standard for drug trials today.
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new standard

A newly-adopted benchmark or measure; a new way of judging something. High unemployment rates have become the new standard due to the country's economic strife.
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come up to someone's standards

to meet or be equal to someone's standards or requirements. Does this ice cream come up to your standards? Ann's concert recital did not come up to her own standards.
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bog standard

  (British informal)
completely ordinary I just want a completely bog standard washing machine.
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a standard-bearer

someone or something that represents a particular group of people or set of ideas (often + of ) He's the standard-bearer of the party's right. (often + for ) The Centre Party has long been the standard-bearer for environmental ideas.

double standard

A set of principles establishing different provisions for one group than another; also, specifically, allowing men more sexual freedom than women. For example, She complained that her father had a double standard-her brothers were allowed to date, but she was not, even though she was older . [Mid-1900s]
See also: double, standard
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Standard features: Two-tiebar clamp, variable-volume pump, Unilog control with graphical interface, integrated control cabinet for space savings.
Standard features: Five-point toggle, swiveling barrel, Unilog B2 or B4 control.
Standard features: Tiebars withdraw from fixed platen during mold opening to facilitate extraction of large parts and mounting large molds.
It also must increase members' understanding of the international standard-setting process, the body of international auditing standards and implementation issues.
Over the past several years the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other events have dramatically affected the setting of auditing standards and the focus of the audit process.
When they are in agreement, they'll go to the SEC, other national regulators and the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), and say, "Everyone wants one principles-based standard.
What would happen, he says, if, for example, you've got a situation and you are trying to work out what the answer is, you would do a search to see what you thought the standard said.
One of the major contributors to the increased bulk was identified as the overuse of military standards and specifications, and the solution was to "tailor" requirements to eliminate unneeded requirements and thereby decrease procurement costs.
And despite the varied usage views presented in the introduction, there are only two classes of standards and specifications to be considered: those that may be used with no restrictions and those documents requiring waiver.
is a global standard widely accepted by both the archives and records management professions.
Consequently, the standard provides a framework for assessing and auditing records programs that can be applied to any organization globally.
Companies have already spent huge amounts of money preparing for the new reporting standard," he said.
The result of the decision is that IFRS 4--the latest version of the standard as it relates to insurance contracts, unveiled in March 2004 by the IASB, will be implemented in two phases, giving the board time to work out some unresolved issues related to insurance contracts.
The Joint Commission's change, evidenced in its new 2004 standards and survey procedures, is a rocket boost into the 21st century.
In its survey and accreditation exercise, the Joint commission measures compliance with standards designed to promote professional and organizational performance that are dependable from the viewpoint of patients and their family members.
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