stand or fall by something

stand or fall by (something)

To have one's success or failure dictated by a particular factor. We have always said that this company will stand or fall by the quality of its products. You should diversify your portfolio so your investments don't stand or fall by a small group of stocks.
See also: fall, stand

stand or ˈfall by something

succeed or fail, or be judged good or bad, because of one thing: A salesman stands or falls by the number of sales he makes — if he doesn’t make enough, he loses his job.
See also: fall, something, stand
References in classic literature ?
Nothing can describe the confusion of thought which I felt when I sank into the water; for though I swam very well, yet I could not deliver myself from the waves so as to draw breath, till that wave having driven me, or rather carried me, a vast way on towards the shore, and having spent itself, went back, and left me upon the land almost dry, but half dead with the water I took in.
Sam watched them as they went, the light sending back fitful gleams through the dripping bushes, and it was not till they were fairly out of sight that he ventured to draw breath freely.
So he ran as fast as he could down the steps, and never stopped to draw breath till he reached the shore.