stand ground

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stand (one's) ground

1. To brace oneself and maintain one's position during or in the face of an attack. The other team's offense was incredibly aggressive, but our defense stood their ground. Despite the guy's size, I managed to stand my ground during the fight.
2. To refuse to yield, compromise, or be belittled; to stand up against an attack or insult. The boss scoffed at her idea initially, but she stood her ground and explained it in greater detail. My wife wanted to take more than half the estate during the divorce, but I stood my ground.
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stand one's ground

 and hold one's ground
to stand up for one's rights; to resist an attack. The lawyer tried to confuse me when I was giving testimony, but I managed to stand my ground. some people were trying to crowd us out of the line for tickets, but we held our ground.
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stand (one's) ground

1. To maintain one's position against an attack.
2. To refuse to compromise; be unyielding.
See also: ground, stand
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