stand at

stand at something

1. to stand in front of something; to stand in the vicinity of something. I stood at the window, watching the traffic. Tom stood at the door, counting people as they came in.
2. to stand or remain in a particular state, such as attention or readiness. The troops stood at attention for a very long time. The entire platoon is standing at readiness, awaiting further orders.
See also: stand
References in classic literature ?
Ajax then made towards them, and turned round to stand at bay as soon as he had reached his men.
A doe wandered right under the stand at first light, then things got quiet.
We are proud to stand at the forefront of this vital initiative and help further the growth of the graphic arts industry.
The standing frame has unique features based on simple needs to stand at an erect and stable position, including feet, hips, back and chest.
On show at the Motorola Stand at Telecom 99, the groundbreaking W-CDMA air interface demonstration will showcase the capabilities of third generation cellular technology to deliver two way data services, advanced IP based multimedia applications and wireless video communications.