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one's old stamping ground

Fig. the place where one was raised or where one has spent a lot of time. (There are variants with stomping and grounds.) Ann should know about that place. It's near her old stamping ground. I can't wait to get back to my old stomping grounds.
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stamp a fire out

to extinguish a fire by stamping on it. Quick, stamp that fire out before it spreads. Tom stamped out the sparks before they started a fire.
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stamp on someone or something

to strike down hard on someone or something with the bottom of the foot. The attacker stamped on his victim after he had knocked him down. Walter stamped on a spider.
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stamp someone or something as something

to label someone or something as something; to mark someone or something as something. His manner stamped him as a fool. The committee stamped the proposal as wasteful.
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stamp someone or something with something

to affix a label onto someone or something with something; to apply a particular message or symbol onto someone or something, as with a rubber stamp. Judy stamped everyone who went into the dance with a symbol that showed that each had paid admission. Mary stamped the bill with the PAID symbol.
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stamp someone out

Sl. to get rid of or kill someone. (Fig. on stamp something out.) You just can't stamp somebody out on your own! The victim wanted to stamp out the robbers without a trial.
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stamp something onto something

to affix an informative label onto something, as with a rubber stamp. she stamped her name and address onto all her books. Tom stamped his identification onto all his papers and books.
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stamp something out

Fig. to eliminate something. The doctors hope they can stamp cancer out. Many people think that they can stamp out evil.
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stamp something out of someone or something

 and stamp something out
Fig. to eliminate a characteristic of someone or something; to destroy a characteristic of someone or something. I would really like to stamp that mean streak out of you. We were not able to stamp the excess costs out of the proposal and had to reject it. We couldn't stamp out their bad behavior.
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stamp something (up)on someone or something

to affix an informative label onto someone or something, as with a rubber stamp. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The attendant stamped a date upon each person who entered the dance hall. The person at the door stamped something on my hand when I came in.
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stamp out something

also stamp something out
to stop or destroy something How long have we been trying to stamp out drugs? Everyone enjoys these games, although some people want to stamp them out.
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fit/write something on the back of a postage stamp

if you say you could write what you know about a subject on the back of a postage stamp, you mean you know very little about that subject What I know about car maintenance could be written on the back of a postage stamp.
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somebody's stamping/stomping ground

a place where you regularly spend a lot of time I spent an afternoon in Camden, my old stomping ground.
See cut the ground from under / feet, gain ground, hit the ground running, prepare the ground, run into the ground, run to ground, shift ground, suit down to the ground, wish the ground would swallow up
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rubber-stamp something

if someone rubber-stamps a decision or a plan, they give it official approval, often without thinking about it enough
Usage notes: If someone official has examined a document, they often put a special mark on it using a rubber stamp (= a small printing device made of rubber).
School governors will not simply rubber-stamp what teachers have already decided. The court was asked to rubber-stamp the Department's decision to free the men.

rubber stamp

A person or organization that automatically approves or endorses a policy without assessing its merit; also, such an approval or endorsement. For example, The nominating committee is merely a rubber stamp; they approve anyone the chairman names , or The dean gave his rubber stamp to the recommendations of the tenure committee. This metaphoric term alludes to the rubber printing device used to imprint the same words over and over. [Early 1900s]
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stamping ground

Also, old stamping ground. A habitual or favorite haunt, as in Whenever we visit, we go back to our old stamping ground, the drugstore nearest the high school . This term alludes to a traditional gathering place for horses or cattle, which stamp down the ground with their hooves. [Early 1800s]
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stamp out

Extinguish or destroy, as in The government stamped out the rebellion in a brutal way, or The police were determined to stamp out drug dealers. This metaphoric expression alludes to extinguishing a fire by trampling on it. [Mid-1800s]
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stamp out

1. To extinguish or destroy something by or as if by trampling or stepping on it: I was able to stamp the small fire out. The government aims to stamp out poverty.
2. To produce something by application of a mold, form, or die: The baker rolled the dough and stamped out ten heart-shaped cookies. That machine stamps the coins out of the sheet metal.
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green stamps

n. money. (From S&H Green Stamps given as an incentive to purchase other goods.) How many green stamps does this take?
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stamp someone out

tv. to get rid of or kill someone. (Fig. on stamp sth out.) You just can’t stamp somebody out on your own!
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stamping ground

and stomping ground
n. one’s favorite or customary location. I like to go back and look at my old stamping ground every now and then.
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Green Stamps

Trading stamps. The most popular of the trading stamps that shoppers collected from the end of the 19th century through the 1980s were S&H (Sperry & Hutchinson) Green Stamps. Supermarket chains, department stores, service stations, and other retailers bought the stamps, then gave them to shoppers in quantities and denominations based on how much the shoppers spent in the store. The object was to create customer loyalty. Shoppers then cashed in the stamps at redemption centers or by mail and received household and sporting goods as well as other items. “Do you give Green Stamps?” was a frequent question, and not always to retailers. A would-be wit might ask a dinner party hostess serving a platter of food, “Do I get Green Stamps with that?” Said often enough, it was enough to make the rest of the gathering lose their appetites.
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References in classic literature ?
An instinct is merely a habit that is stamped into the stuff of our heredity, that is all.
If you receive packing that's already stamped with markings, don't stamp it again unless you have to repair it.
Dunnage inside a wooden crate or box must be stamped with certification markings.
A lot of people tell us exactly where they want it stamped.
Once the mail is stamped, users can drop the package in any mailbox, give it to their regular postal carrier, call to arrange a pickup or take the package to the post office.
Also included in the 2000 commemorative program are single stamp designs paying tribute to the Library of Congress, California statehood, American Samoa and the White House, and three stamped postal cards honoring the University of Utah, Middlebury College in Vermont and Ryman Auditorium, former home of the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.
Parts are separated and located, hot stamped or heat-transfer decorated, and automatically discharged to the next process.
Any molecule that will bind selectively to a stamped square - including biological agents, enzymes, pesticides, or toxins - is detectable using this technique.
Plus, color stamped images with color dusters and stamp pads are discussed in this workshop.
Which documents are affixed with a time stamp and at what point is left entirely to the discretion of the users themselves and it is irrelevant whether only a few files or several thousand a day are stamped.
Ready Notes, a California company that manufactures already stamped greeting cards, announced today that it has reached agreements to sell more than 100,000 cards to three major retailers.
Users can also define and save sets of &uot;stamps&uot;, eliminating repeated individual selection of the same words and phrases or settings for pages to be stamped.