stamp onto

stamp something onto something

to affix an informative label onto something, as with a rubber stamp. she stamped her name and address onto all her books. Tom stamped his identification onto all his papers and books.
See also: stamp
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The opportunity to work with a brand that is famous for design and to put my own creative stamp onto a beautiful looking handset was something that really appealed, with the HTC One M9 INK really capturing my personality.
Bentley is putting its upscale stamp onto men's fragrances.
eFax, a leading provider of digital faxing solutions and a brand of j2 Global, Inc (NASDAQ:JCOM), today announced the launch of its new electronic signature service, which enables users to drag and drop their signature stamp onto any document or use their finger to draw a signature that can be resized and placed anywhere in the document.
McNabb will have his work cut out for him, but he'll have the chance to cement his stamp onto the program right away.
She pondered what message she might stamp onto dollar bills.
For designing the winning mark he was invited to the Birmingham Mail Centre in Aston to personally put his stamp onto the first batch of envelopes to carry the logo.
Every time we place a stamp onto an envelope, we are recreating a process that has been in use for more than 160 years.
He tells the story in his autobiography If I Was of how Bono put his stamp onto the track and says it was so poignant that it made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.
It is also a good idea to encourage your patients to come up with their own scenarios or to put their own personal stamp onto those that you are offering.
Derek Fraser, AlphaGary's global business manager, compares the problem to attempting to stick a stamp onto an envelope that is lying on a soft pillow.
Mix brick-red colour using emulsion paints, dip end of polystyrene chip into paint and stamp onto pot in checked pattern.
The researchers then press a stamp onto a plastic sheet coated in gold.
According to Dr Spencer, psychological and anthropological literature indicates several factors that combine here, including houses as an expression of individuality and identity, putting one's own stamp onto a project, the psychological value of personalisation and clutter, preferences for new and choices for cleanliness and purity.
Patterning the metal cathode layer is achieved by pressing a prepatterned metal-coated stamp onto the unpatterned device layers.