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set out (one's) stall

To prove one's motivation or determination to achieve or do something by preparing to achieve or do it. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. My parents don't think I'm serious about becoming a designer, but I'm going to set out my stall by creating my first line this summer. He has certainly set out his stall to graduate first in his class, and so far he's on track to do it.
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stall for time

to cause a delay intentionally. You are just stalling for time. Please hurry. she is stalling for time, hoping someone will rescue her.
See also: stall, time

stall someone or something for something

to delay someone or something for a period of time. I stalled him for as long as I could. I could not stall the proceedings for another second.
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stall someone or something off

to put off or delay someone or something. The sheriff is at the door. I'll stall him off while you get out the back door. You can stall off the sheriff, but you can't stall off justice.
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set out your stall

If you set out your stall you show your intentions or beliefs in a way that is very clear and determined. He has set out his stall to retain his place in Europe's Ryder Cup team. The Prime Minister last night set out his stall for a third election win.
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set out your stall

1 display or show off your abilities, attributes, or experience in order to convince someone of your suitability for something. 2 make your position on an issue very clear. British
See also: out, set, stall
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She said 'My small stall is the only source of earning for small kids and ailing husband.
The same stall has selected works of Lenin in three volumes, Kulyaat Ghazliat of Khusrau in four volumes, works of Ferdowsi and complete works of Shakespeare.
Despite the fact that the market is much smaller this year due to the Paradise Works, this was an increase on last year's figure when only two stalls were deemed unfit to serve food to the public.
As a casual trader you would be offered a stall on a risk-free, no commitment basis for up to four weeks, after which time you can apply to become a licensed trader.
Warning of an incipient tail stall is buffet in the yoke--not airframe--difficulty in trimming in pitch and ease in moving the yoke forward, but difficulty in pulling it aft.
According to Al-Ghamdi, those stalls run by Saudis have been legalized while the ones run by expatriate workers have been shut down.
New features of the Defender[TM] Shooting Stall include a standard brass deflector to prevent hot casings from travelling to adjacent lanes, enhanced LED lighting and controls, optional ABS plastic skin to prevent wear and tear on structural pieces from spent brass, and multiple table configurations.
ANDREW REID has expressed his disappointment to the BHA over the result of a 7f handicap at Kempton on Tuesday, which he claims was affected when the stall housing his runner, Athletic, failed to function properly, writes Richard Birch.
CONSIDERED a BJP bastion, the coastal Karnataka region now boasts of a makeshift tea stall opened in honour of the party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.
2OOOOOOO office manager for a nowdefunct double glazing company; Ms Dewey is not 3 Ms Hume, whose stall sells model cars (especially old Dinky toys), is not the one-time dental nurse.
On Saturday, the majority of stalls moved to their new permanent location at the southern end of the high street.
While the frustrations continue, I think it would help if the stalls were identified as accessible as a reminder to others.
There will be stalls for arts and crafts, homemade food, books and photography.
Organisers say the majority of stalls are now taken, but some remain for the event which raises muchneeded funds for the village field - the Jubilee field in the heart of the village.
Summary: The Sidon municipality is in the process of moving the vegetable stalls and carts currently spread across its commercial souks to the new souk.