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stalk in(to some place)

to stride into a place, perhaps indignantly. Carl stalked into the manager's office and began his tirade. He stalked in and began to complain.
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stalk out of

some place to stride out of a place indignantly. Jeff stalked out of the store and went straight to the police. Mary got angry and stalked out of the meeting.
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somebody's eyes are out on stalks

  (informal) also somebody's eyes are popping out of their head (informal)
if someone's eyes are out on stalks, they are looking at someone or something in a way that shows that they think that person or thing is extremely surprising or attractive
Usage notes: In funny drawings, people and animals are often drawn with their eyes coming out of their head to show that they are very surprised.
You should have seen Pete when Bec turned up in her short skirt. His eyes were out on stalks.
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a stalking horse

1. a politician who tests the strength of a party's support for its leader by competing for the job of leading the party although they do not really intend to be elected He was a stalking horse, intended to undermine what was regarded at the time as a weak leadership.
2. something that is used to hide someone's real purpose It's feared that the talks are just a stalking horse for a much wider deal between the two parties.
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Tom Stalker (right) during his defeat to Jack | |Catterall (left)
To download or stream Matt Stalker & Fables' latest single, or indeed their debut album, visit mattstalkerandfables.
Stalker scored as many points in the first round against Taylor as the Scot had conceded in his previous four fights.
Most stalkers fit into one of these categories, which aids counseling of the victim, management of the offender, and education of law enforcement officials, but "there are some unique populations that may not fit into these schemes, such as adolescent stalkers or cyberstalkers," she said.
A source close to the model told The People: "The sheer persistency of the stalker has made life hell.
We are delighted that Stalker Software is now supported on OpenVMS," said Mark Gorham, vice president of HP's OpenVMS Systems Division.
In instances where the stalker faces arrest prior to an attack, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors must confront the challenge of proving that the individual is too dangerous for release.
Women and men who are normally outwardly confident people begin to feel like their stalker is in control of their life,' she explains.
A crucial part of treatment is to look at the needs that the stalker is trying to fulfil and that way we can work towards managing their behaviour.
Behaviors include, but are not limited to, repeated following; repeated telephone calls and hang-ups; letters; unwanted gifts and packages; going through and stealing mail; spreading harmful gossip about the victims; breaking-and-entering that can include vandalism, theft, or even simply rearranging objects so that victims know the stalker was there.
Their mother is an archaeologist who has disappeared and is believed to be dead; and the stalker is probably someone who knows the mother's work and thinks there is some information her children have in their possession that would make him rich.
Splash-painted in oil or tar onto a white gallery wall, the title of Sergei Bugaev's installation Stalker 3, 1996/2002, could be that of a low-budget slasher film, but it soon became clear that a different kind of terror was being evoked.
Fearful, Marrisa accepts his gallant offer to help her track down her stalker.
Forefront Security policy pays for outside security services and 15 days' worth of security-consulting services if a stalker, who has a temporary restraining order issued against him or her, enters the workplace to harm an employee, according to the company.