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Well, the recorder at Forty Mile was tellin' me they staked that not a month ago--The Harper & Ladue Town Site.
As he would stake his last ounce on a good poker hand, so he staked his life and effort on the hunch that the future held in store a big strike on the Upper River.
If your purchased tree was bare-rooted (without any soil around its roots), if you are locating it in an especially windy spot or if your soil is shallow or sandy, the tree may benefit from being staked.
2]bet 1 <I've staked my reputation on the new plan.
Since the June 16, 2005 announcement, Sweetwater has also doubled the number of claims staked as part of this agreement.
The second important aspect of staking is that the stakes should not be higher than the plants being staked.
It tends to bend and flop all over the place unless staked, restaked and staked again.
TSX VENTURE:MAD)(OTCBB:MRDDF)(FWB:MRG)(BERLIN:MRG) is pleased to announce that it has staked 300 claims (9.