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stack the cards (against someone or something)

To make surreptitious arrangements that result in an unfair advantage over someone or something else. (Likened to fixing a deck of playing cards in one's favor during a card game.) Of course, simply by virtue of his being the boss's son, Jeremy has stacked the cards against the rest of us for an early promotion. The mega corporation has been accused of trying to stack the cards with billions of dollars spent putting political pressure on members of congress.
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stack Z's

To get some sleep. We've got a pretty long layover before our next flight, so I'm going to try to stack some Z's at the gate. A: "Where's Jeff?" B: "Upstairs stacking Z's. It's been a hard week for him."
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slang Buxom. Primarily heard in UK. That curvaceous new receptionist sure is well-stacked!

cards are stacked against (one)

[informal] luck is against one. I have the worst luck. The cards are stacked against me all the time. How can I accomplish anything when the cards are stacked against me?
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have the cards stacked against (one)

 and have the deck stacked against one
Fig. to have one's chance at future success limited by factors over which one has no control; to have luck against one. You can't get very far in life if you have the deck stacked against you. I can't seem to get ahead. I always have the cards stacked against me.
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have the deck stacked against

one Go to have the cards stacked against one.
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the cards are stacked against somebody

if the cards are stacked against someone, they are not at all likely to succeed in a particular situation because they have a lot of problems He fought a brilliant campaign, but the cards were stacked against him from the start.
See play cards right
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cards are stacked against

Many difficulties face someone or something, as in The cards are stacked against the new highway project. This term originated in gambling, where to stack the cards or stack the deck means to arrange cards secretly and dishonestly in one's own favor or against one's opponent. [Mid-1800s]
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mod. having to do with a person with a sexually attractive body, usually a female. I like to see stacked dames like that starting to do business in this place.
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