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I got a bit squiffy one night and had a quick look at one of the sites and thought I'd join up for six months and see what happened.
Still managing to trump it hands-down, though, was Scott, acting his socks off as a man suddenly plucked from normality and plonked back down in the same pub where he used to under-age drink while long-lost, slightly squiffy mates quizzed him about whether his parents' deaths had been suicide or murder.
A: To be honest, the biggest thrill is that it''s live and therefore whenever something goes slightly squiffy you have to roll with it, and I enjoy that.
By the time they were packing up the young men were all a bit squiffy, and Michael was the one who'd been kind.
New Year is squinting into an uncertain future while getting squiffy.
Correct answer: Squiffy - he liked a drink (correct) Q: How many novels did the character Simon Paris appear in?
Do you remember that time when Constance got a little squiffy and crashed into the Nativity scene, unsettling a shepherd who fell into Stanley's glass of pale ale?
The company carries several ranges, one of which features a brand called Squiffy.
Sunday was always our day and she says that even now she goes a bit squiffy on a Sunday and always wants some kind of adventure.
If you think the US press went over-the-top about your twin cousins' brush with the cactus juice, just wait till you see what the UK press would make of an even slightly squiffy American caught canoodling with a future king down the steamy old pends of St Andrews.
If the competition was Squiffy Jewish Mum of the Year, she'd be a dead cert.
It signified a lull in proceedings before the squiffy fun of evening charades and a plate of pork pie.
At every turn, he outs himself as a man with a squiffy moral compass.
You're happily minding your own business at a party when some squiffy guest bumps into you, showering you with beer and ruining your best party frock.
It's just as well he's forthright, because it's nearly midnight and the crowd is looking for any excuse to murmur among itself, with a couple of squiffy hecklers making themselves known just before the raffle is drawn.