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damp squib

Someone or something that disappoints or does not meet expectations. The film got a lot of hype, but I thought it was a bit of a damp squib.
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a damp squib

  (British & Australian)
an event which people think will be exciting but which is disappointing when it happens
Usage notes: A squib is a type of firework (= a small container filled with chemicals which explodes to produce bright lights and loud noises) and if it becomes wet, it will not explode.
The party turned out to be a bit of a damp squib. Half the people who'd been invited didn't turn up.
See also: damp, squib


n. a notice; a small advertisement. There was a squib in the paper about your project.
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A double error by Nationals pitcher Blake Treinen on Ryan Hanigan's bases-loaded squibber led to the tying runs, and a grounder to short by Brock Holt drove in what turned out to be the winning run.
After a sacrifice bunt followed Healy's single, the second run was scored by Payne on Scott Heineman's squibber down the first base line.
Alissa Eno, who pinch-ran for Zaplatosch, came home on a Kristen Dedmon squibber that catcher Becky Marx was unable to field cleanly.
On the ensuing kickoff, Smith's squibber deflected off a Bartlett player and was recovered by Keenan Quintana at the Rams' 49.
Boone Logan (2-0) retired David Ortiz on a squibber down the first-base line for the final out of the 10th.
It was just the kind of squibber in front of the plate that could lead to trouble, and there was no way Jason Glushon was letting anyone else handle it.
He was out in a rundown between home and third in the second inning on Jacoby Ellsbury's squibber in front of home plate.
A 90-foot squibber was the difference in the Yankees' 12-inning, 7-5 victory before a sellout crowd of 43,455 at Edison Field.
Ellsbury fouled off an 0-2 pitch and took two balls before hitting a squibber past Garza over the mound.
Amber Mills' infield squibber scored Natasha Hartfield with the first run and then right fielder Michelle Newbold singled up the middle to score Melissa Cruz and Stephanie Thomas.
David Ortiz hit a two-out double in the first but was stranded when Kevin Youkilis hit a squibber down the third-base line.
Ironically, LSU (47-17) won this game with a bloop two-out, two-run single in the eighth inning by second baseman Trey McClure, a squibber off the end of his bat that nestled into shallow right field.
Jonathan Papelbon (4-3), pitching a third consecutive day, created a jam in the 11th by flubbing a pickup of Vidro's leadoff squibber down the first base line for a generously scored infield single.
Such is the plight of this star-crossed team: On an evening when Mike Piazza makes history by hitting a ball out of Dodger Stadium, the feat has all the effect of a broken-bat squibber on the Dodgers' plunge in the National League West standings.
In the second inning, Jay Payton hit a squibber that rolled between the mound and first base.