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Vincent Black Channel View Road, Grangetown, Cardiff # Editor's note: Sadly, thecorrespondence on weasel squeezing is now closed.
With the new Dip & Squeeze Ketchup Craze Mobile Game now available for free on iTunes, dipping and squeezing skills can be tested in ten different games - from dipping nuggets to squeezing ketchup onto a burger.
Squeezing can be applied using various types of squeeze heads, including flat squeeze plates, multiple cylinder heads or contoured squeeze boards.
Squeezing can achieve a mold hardness in the low 90s on the Dietert B scale.
Disadvantages--Because the squeezing force comes from the back face of the pattern, the mold hardness is stronger at the back than at the parting face.
It is a form of compaction, but essentially readies the molding sand for the final compaction, whether it be squeezing or dynamic.
During squeezing and stripping, vibrators mounted on both squeeze plates can be activated.
For instance, Mao and his co-workers have been squeezing hydrogen gas so tightly that it reorganizes into a solid and displays hints that it might even become a metal -- maybe even a superconducting metal, according to calculations by others.
Yuen, who in 1976 first proposed the possibility of squeezing light.
Some researchers are already trying to use techniques for squeezing light to make precision measurements.
Squeezing a liquid into a tight space, such as the narrow gap between two plates, strongly affects its physical properties.
In the case of polymers, the method involves squeezing the material while it's hot, then cooling it to freeze in the required structure.
If the squeezing model were correct, he says, one would expect higher temperatures in the lower crust in order for it to be "squeezable.
At first glance this low-velocity zone might appear to support the squeezing model, because similar zones are found in places with high crustal heat flow or recent volcanism.