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Kincaid and Trout used standard 16-millimeter-diameter drip tape to calibrate the squeezer, but they note that it can be used with other sizes of tape, as well.
The new automatic molding line will speed up production to bring in more high volume work, and the squeezer lines will stay to help the customers who need a method that is cost effective.
Amy wrote and illustrated Buster and Squeezer specifically for the competition and was praised in the children's picture book illustration category.
Domestic design icons will be displayed alongside the vehicles, such as a 1950s radio, a Phillip Stark lemon squeezer and a Sydney Opera House breadbin.
The first hybrid compression solution to tightly integrate a production application with field-programmable gate array (FPGA) hardware, Squeezer can be quickly and easily integrated into organizations' existing IT environments.
A moulded base, often in the form of a lemon squeezer, is a feature of much Irish glass from about 1780-1820.
Mind you, having a hangar powered by a giant lemon squeezer wouldn't have helped either.
Each of our five winners will receive an amazing prize pack including: a towel, an adult T-shirt, an iPod cover, a doughnut stress squeezer, a metal coaster set, a metal keyring, a doughnut water game, an analogue watch, a kids' T-shirt, a notebook, a lunchbox and a straw set.
MFP was the challenger in this pitch, but they proved to us that they were exactly the right agency and partner for Mike's," said Anthony von Mandl, Founder & Chief Lemon Squeezer of Mike's Hard Lemonade.
The shamed 53-year-old TV star attempted to deface a portrait of the Queen by poking her eyes out with a lemon squeezer - earning him a dressing down by show bosses.
SHAPING UP: Lemon citrus squeezer, pounds 23, from Obsessions (tel: 0171 403 2374)
Tenders are invited for Pit - 12 Ltr Bucket With Squeezer Of Roots Make Part No.
The 1960s will be compared with the present in store in August, with items such as a 1962 Stainless Steel Citrus Squeezer with its curved minimalist looks typical of the times, available alongside the bright 2001 Mr Mandarin citrus squeezer in coloured plastic.
Also found were a lemon squeezer, church candle, tattoo machine, tennis racquet, bicycle lights and a table cloth.