squeeze together

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squeeze (themselves) together

[for creatures] to press close together. The little pigs squeezed themselves together to get a better chance at some food. They squeezed together and gobbled their dinner. They squeezed themselves together to keep warm.
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squeeze someone or something together

to press people or things together. The driver squeezed us together so he could get more people in the taxi. See if you can squeeze the vegetables together a little so we can get more in the basket.
See also: squeeze, together
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When you feel happier, squeeze together your thumb and the index fingers of both hands.
Fold the wonton over to form a triangle, then bring the two outer points together, brush with egg and squeeze together.
We vomit when the muscles of the abdomen and the diaphragm (DIE-uh-fram), the curved muscle under your rib cage, squeeze together hard while the stomach stays relaxed.
As it expands outward, the Septal Occluder's central "waist" fills in the hole tight to prevent leaks, and the two disks squeeze together, gently clamping the septal tissue.
When you breathe in fresh air, I squeeze together and pump blood into your lungs.
Don't sleep on your side because wrinkles form as your boobs squeeze together.
We squeeze together into one bed and I'm woken within half an hour by his elbow left-hooking my already sore mouth.
Spencer Butte Middle School students squeeze together to form the letters "HRFZ," which stand for "harassment- and racism-free zone.
When enough carbon nuclei accumulate, they would squeeze together to make even heavier elements, liberating a tremendous amount of energy in the process--about 1,000 times as much as a helium explosion produces.
Vomiting occurs when the muscles of the abdomen and the diaphragm, the curved muscle under your rib cage, squeeze together hard while the stomach stays relaxed.
To seal wounds, doctors gently squeeze together the edges of the cut and "paint" glue across the skin's surface.
Also listed among the reserves were Nacho Novo and Peter Lovenkrands, who presumably had to squeeze together on the bench to make space for their joint confidence crisis, which must have slowed the team coach's progress up the A90.
Tug on a piece of woven fabric, and the threads running parallel to the direction of the stretch will squeeze together while the perpendicular threads pull apart.
But the matrix will compact, or squeeze together, only to a certain point.