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squeal like a stuck pig

To make a loud, shrill squealing sound, typically out of pain. I'm a little embarrassed to say that whenever I get a shot, I squeal like a stuck pig.
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squeal on (one)

To inform a figure of authority about someone else's crime, wrongdoing, or transgression. I'm afraid the mafia will make a hit on me since I squealed on them to the police about their money-laundering operation. Why would you squeal on me to the teacher like that? Don't tell your sister anything, she'll squeal on us the first chance she gets.
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squeal (on someone) (to someone)

Fig. to report someone to someone. Max was afraid that the witness would squeal on him to the cops. Sally threatened to squeal to the boss. Please promise you won't squeal on me!

squeal with something

Fig. to shriek or squeak, exhibiting some characteristic emotion or experience, such as delight, pain, glee, etc. The baby saw the bright picture and squealed with delight. Timmy squealed with excitement when he saw the presents and the birthday cake.
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squeal like a stuck pig

If someone squeals like a stuck pig, they scream very loudly, as though they are in a lot of pain. The baby squealed like a stuck pig. Note: Other verbs such as scream and roar can be used instead of squeal. Alan tried to calm him while Miller continued to scream like a stuck pig. Note: In this expression, `stuck' means stabbed with something such as a pointed stick or a skewer.
See also: like, pig, squeal, stuck

squeal (or yell) like a stuck pig

squeal or yell loudly and shrilly.
A stuck pig is one that is being butchered by having its throat cut; compare with bleed like a stuck pig above.
See also: like, pig, squeal, stuck

squeal on

To disclose incriminating information about someone: The accountant squealed on her corrupt managers. He squealed on his brother for jumping on the bed.
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in. to inform (someone about something). Who squealed to the cops?
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Brake squeal is a complex dynamics instability issue for automobile industry.
Table 2 is an analysis of the number of squeals occurred during the burnish phase.
Nor are there women performers, but plenty of girl architects who will swarm forward to plea for autographs and ask to be photographed alongside the heroes--just short of the goings-on outside the resort hotels where real film folk are greeted with squeals and mad rushes in and out of lobbies.
So, if the two players are perfectly rational, both will inevitably squeal.
CHRIS PIETSCH / The Register-Guard Two-year-old Morgan Budesilich squeals with delight as she plays chase with her father, Tony Budesilich, during a family outing to Amazon Park in Eugene.
A squeak is one kind of problem, a groan another, and a squeal quite a different problem.
But one clear morning out alone a rabbit shot refused to die pierced me with its high-pitched squeals and shrieks no bullets left I used my hands but couldn't seem to break the neck it squealed and squealed I bashed its head against a rock it wouldn't stop the screams tore viciously ripped through my hard-won shell but the creature died and I forgot kept on shooting, became a better shot I could not let a rabbit make me soft
Squeals come in two major varieties and two minor ones, and although they should develop slowly enough to give you failure warning, all should be investigated as soon as possible.
Furthermore, Java-based mobile games using Mobile XMF can incorporate sampled sound effects - such as gun shots and tyre squeals - alongside dynamic musical backing tracks.
Brake squeals occur in a specific brake pressure, speed, temperature, and friction condition.
And their squeals over their betting shop picture deal with SIS that many major tracks are elbowing are music to my ears.
Rather than sing, the 23-year-old (whose claim to fame is a wild 'do and a former relationship with Ashlee Simpson) gasps, squeals and rasps his way through one bleeding heart anthem after another: ``From the Start,'' ``Photo,''``Last Night.
Former members of New York City Ballet greeted each other with joy, squeals of recognition, excitement, and remembrances--some happy, some sad.
Since feedback can cause squeals, the researchers had to use less-than-optimal circuit settings to avoid them, yielding marginal noise reduction.
PALMDALE - The circus in Colleen Clark's front yard is more likely to elicit screams than squeals of delight: it feature vampires, swamps, circus freaks and creatures carrying chain saws.