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squeal like a stuck pig

To make a loud, shrill squealing sound, typically out of pain. I'm a little embarrassed to say that whenever I get a shot, I squeal like a stuck pig.
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squeal (on someone) (to someone)

Fig. to report someone to someone. Max was afraid that the witness would squeal on him to the cops. Sally threatened to squeal to the boss. Please promise you won't squeal on me!

squeal with something

Fig. to shriek or squeak, exhibiting some characteristic emotion or experience, such as delight, pain, glee, etc. The baby saw the bright picture and squealed with delight. Timmy squealed with excitement when he saw the presents and the birthday cake.
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squeal like a stuck pig

If someone squeals like a stuck pig, they scream very loudly, as though they are in a lot of pain. The baby squealed like a stuck pig. Note: Other verbs such as scream and roar can be used instead of squeal. Alan tried to calm him while Miller continued to scream like a stuck pig. Note: In this expression, `stuck' means stabbed with something such as a pointed stick or a skewer.
See also: like, pig, squeal, stuck

squeal (or yell) like a stuck pig

squeal or yell loudly and shrilly.
A stuck pig is one that is being butchered by having its throat cut; compare with bleed like a stuck pig above.
See also: like, pig, squeal, stuck

squeal on

To disclose incriminating information about someone: The accountant squealed on her corrupt managers. He squealed on his brother for jumping on the bed.
See also: on, squeal


in. to inform (someone about something). Who squealed to the cops?
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OUT OF HIS DEPTH: Harvey; loses his tough-guy image as he runs squealing out of the North Sea
The disgruntled pig was apparently so perturbed by the incident that it fouled once inside the airport terminal and continued squealing loudly.
Tinnitus sufferers hear these or other sounds - including buzzing, whooshing, chirping and high-pitched squealing - when no external source is present.
Finally, the presented method is applied on the modelling of a squealing disc brake, which shows good correlation between model prediction results and those from bench test.
Trying to make himself heard over the squealing, he wished the young lady well and assured her Bristol City were looking after him.
Hypnotize,'' though, is simply the usual roar of frenetic staccato noodling, crazed squealing and sub-Frank Zappa lyrics.
Each criminal has two options: to cooperate with the other by keeping quiet or to defect by squealing on the other.
11 felt like a family squealing over old photo albums.
The feeling in the audience for The Full Monty is quite unlike the bachelorette squealing that greets off-Broadway's squeaky-clean Naked Boys Singing or the melancholy worshipfulness you find at a gay strip joint.
For England players to go squealing to the papers, well it's not exactly brave is it?
RAIDERS fled when they came face to face with a rare breed of squealing pig.
The 130th Ventura County Fair opened Wednesday to the sounds of squealing pigs, screeching thrill seekers and clamoring game booth concessionaires.
PASSENGERS on a US airline were upset when a 20-stone pig rampaged down the aisle squealing and causing mayhem.
FIRST-CLASS passengers on an airliner were horrified when a squealing pig ran wild through the cabin.
The quantum edition allows a third option: a superposition of squealing and staying silent.