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the squeaky wheel gets the oil

The people who complain or protest the loudest are the ones who receive the most attention from others. My sister makes a point of writing letters of complaint to businesses whenever she has an issue with their service, and nine times out of ten, she's rewarded with some kind of discount or gift. I guess it's true, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.
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squeaky clean

1. Devoid of dirt or grime. This shower needs to be squeaky clean before grandma gets here.
2. Completely innocent and upstanding. She's such a sweet girl that I just assumed she was squeaky clean—I had no idea she had a police record!
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squeaking wheel gets the oil

 and squeaky wheel gets the oil
Prov. People who complain the most will get attention or what they want. If you don't get good service at the hotel, make sure to tell the manager that you're dissatisfied. The squeaking wheel gets the oil.
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squeaky wheel gets the grease

The loudest complaints get the most attention, as in No matter what table they give her, Helen generally insists on a better one and gets it-the squeaky wheel gets the grease . The current version of this idiom, with its allusion to a wagon wheel that needs oiling, is ascribed to American humorist Josh Billings (1818-1885) in a poem, "The Kicker": "I hate to be a kicker [complainer], I always long for peace, But the wheel that does the squeaking Is the one that gets the grease." However, the idea of the idiom is much older. A manuscript from about 1400 had: "Ever the worst spoke of the cart creaks." Similar sayings were repeated over the succeeding centuries.
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squeaky clean

COMMON If someone is squeaky clean, they live a very good life and never seem to do anything bad or illegal. Of all boy bands, they had the most wholesome and squeaky clean image. As a country-dweller myself, I can truthfully say that not all people living in the countryside are as squeaky clean as they like to think. Note: You can also use squeaky-clean before a noun. Claudia's squeaky-clean image makes her the perfect children's television presenter. Neither singer has a squeaky-clean reputation. Note: This expression is often used to suggest that this way of life is unnatural or uninteresting, or that someone is not as good as they seem. Note: Clean surfaces sometimes squeak when you wipe or rub them.
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the squeaky wheel gets the grease

People say the squeaky wheel gets the grease to mean that people who complain loudly get attention. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Council is listening to the small minority of people who scream loudest.
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squeaky clean

beyond reproach; without vice.
The expression originally refers literally to a surface so clean that it squeaks when a finger is rubbed across it.
2001 Sonia El Kahal Business in the Asia Pacific The quality of government is corrupt in Indonesia, squeaky clean in Singapore, and in-between elsewhere.
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the squeaky wheel gets the ˈgrease/ˈoil

(American English) used to say that a person who complains or talks a lot gets most attention: In politics, the squeaky wheel gets the grease so it is vital for consumers to speak up and be heard.It’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil, but what about the shy student?
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squeaky clean

mod. very clean. (Like a clean glass that squeaks when one rubs a finger on it.) I got this floor squeaky clean. Don’t spill anything on it.
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