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the squeaky wheel gets the oil

The people who complain or protest the loudest are the ones who receive the most attention from others. My sister makes a point of writing letters of complaint to businesses whenever she has an issue with their service, and nine times out of ten, she's rewarded with some kind of discount or gift. I guess it's true, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.
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squeaking wheel gets the oil

 and squeaky wheel gets the oil
Prov. People who complain the most will get attention or what they want. If you don't get good service at the hotel, make sure to tell the manager that you're dissatisfied. The squeaking wheel gets the oil.
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squeaky clean

1. someone who is squeaky clean is completely good and honest and never does anything bad Journalists have been trying to discover whether the Senator really is as squeaky clean as he claims to be.
2. completely clean I love the squeaky clean feel of my hair after I've washed it.
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squeaky wheel gets the grease

The loudest complaints get the most attention, as in No matter what table they give her, Helen generally insists on a better one and gets it-the squeaky wheel gets the grease . The current version of this idiom, with its allusion to a wagon wheel that needs oiling, is ascribed to American humorist Josh Billings (1818-1885) in a poem, "The Kicker": "I hate to be a kicker [complainer], I always long for peace, But the wheel that does the squeaking Is the one that gets the grease." However, the idea of the idiom is much older. A manuscript from about 1400 had: "Ever the worst spoke of the cart creaks." Similar sayings were repeated over the succeeding centuries.
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squeaky clean

mod. very clean. (Like a clean glass that squeaks when one rubs a finger on it.) I got this floor squeaky clean. Don’t spill anything on it.
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The squeakiest bums in the Blues dressing room are clearly up front.
But the squeakiest wheels get the municipal grease, and the San Fernando Valley Councilwoman is encouraging neighbors to write letters to the bureau to raise its status to No.
The fact is that David Beckham, the footballer with the squeakiest voice since Alan Ball, is a product manufactured to meet the brand demands that have made him a marketing phenomenon.
As I watched the Democratic Party self-destruct over the past few days, I wondered how long the party will continue to cater to its squeakiest wheels.
I decided to treat the schools as if they were the squeakiest wheels in my district - as if they were the most demanding constituents who repeatedly requested action in their neighborhoods.
Gary Barlow, squeakiest and cleanest ex-member of Take That, has rescheduled his Dublin date at the Point for December 8.
The squeakiest pork procurers in Congress are party leaders and key members of the House and Senate appropriations committees.
Gary Barlow, squeakiest and cleanest ex-member of Take That, has rescheduled his Belfast date at Maysfield Leisure Centre for December 9.
In Civvy Street he may well resemble Mary Poppins at her squeakiest clean.
Vince Neil stayed the course by relying heavily on his band mates, backing singers and the crowd to supplement some of the squeakiest vocals in rock.
We weren't the biggest customer, but we were the squeakiest and we probably had the most political contacts," Dale Riddle, Jones' attorney, said at the time.
Still, businesses overall have incentive to assist only the squeakiest wheels.