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squawk about something

to complain about something. stop squawking about how much money you lost. I lost twice as much. What are you squawking about now?
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1. in. to complain. Some people squawk because they don’t have anything else to do.
2. n. a complaint. Here’s another squawk from the lady on the third floor.
3. tv. & in. to reveal or blab something. She squawked the whole business to the fuzz.

squawk box

n. a public-address system; a loudspeaker, especially if installed in a box or other housing. A raspy voice came over the squawk box announcing the arrival of what we had been waiting for.
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the bird squawked in Russian to Irina Simmons, 33, as she was reunited with her bird.
Wildlife specialists Tom French and Norman Smith plucked the chicks from the nest and put them in a bag, as the feathered parents swooped and squawked but did not attack.
However, city officials squawked at a proviso that would have incorporated a Superior Court judge's tentative ruling against the city in the other lawsuit, which is scheduled to go to trial Wednesday.