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Prior to the discussion, students had solved the Squareness problem for homework.
OSB's performance with regard to ease of finishing, fire performance, machinability, and surface smoothness were rated poorly, while dimensional stability, internal bond strength, panel squareness, and strength/stiffness were rated highly.
Screw a full-size panel to the side of the first framing module, checking squareness and levelness.
The boldness, squareness and yet somehow gravity-defying shapes found within the range lends inspiration to the slightly more angled piec-es.
But the triangles can be arranged in more than one way, so that squareness is a potential rather than a fundamental property of the projection.
Series 25 fittings are designed and manufactured according to strict tolerances for ovality, end face squareness, wall thickness, and material chemistry.
From a practicality standpoint, the most impressive feature of the Transit isn't just the cargo load areas quoted, but the squareness of it, meaning every millimetre can be exploited.
He could do little better with his left foot nine minute later after Ian Harte had exploited the squareness of the Sunderland rearguard - but the drama came at the other end just after the half-hour.
It is a building with lots of squareness and straight lines.
The combination of contemporary and classical often favoured by the Europeans has caught on over here with styles like a squareness of furniture proving popular.
The FaroArm has the ability to perform accurate determinations of flatness, roundness and squareness which are the key factors in distortion," says Parize.
The coils of metal (from a Canadian steel manufacturer) are sheared into appropriate sizes and checked for squareness.
The top priority was to introduce a bit of character and do something about the squareness of the plot.
But there is an obvious difference between square Zen and the common-or-garden squareness of the Rotary Club or the Presbyterian Church.
They confused his domination over squareness as lack of seriousness.