square meal

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square meal

A wholesome, nutritious meal. The hot lunch program at school provides square meals for underprivileged children.
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square meal, a

A substantial or complete meal, as in These airlines never feed you; I haven't had a square meal on one yet. [Mid-1800s]
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a square meal

A square meal is a large, healthy meal that makes you feel you have eaten enough. The troops were tired and hadn't had a square meal for five days. Do you survive on yogurt at lunchtime while your partner wants a square meal? Note: On sailing ships in the past, sailors ate off square wooden plates.
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a square ˈmeal

a large and satisfying meal: The children get three square meals a day.
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square (meal)

n. a good and nutritious meal. (Always with quantifier when square is used without meal.) I need three squares a day—at least. The old soak looks like he could use a square meal.
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She was extremely worried as it was difficult for her to provide even a square meal to them," a senior district police officer said.
I discovered One Square Meal in a store in Mission Bay a few years ago and since then I've been taking suitcases full back to the States.
Mark de Wesselow, publisher of Square Meal 2003, said: 'This survey shows that restaurants need to concentrate on their front of house so what leaves the kitchen is not ruined by bad service.
India is a poor country and we all know that eighty per cent of the people living in India do not even get one square meal.
Cook, Hamal, Cleaner, Sweeper In Mantralaya Canteen, Vidhanbhavan Canteen, Square Meal Canteen, Mumbai And Konkan Bhavan Canteen, Belapur Navi Mumbai.
One in eight youngsters are not getting a square meal every day without free school lunches or breakfast clubs, a poll for cereals giant Kellogg's found.
Parma ham and Kindles for all" will never make for a campaign slogan - but for too many, even a square meal and shelter is already too much to ask.
The Brummie chef's selfnamed restaurant in Cornwall Street picked up the BMW Square Meal Best UK Restaurant Award 2012.
India calculates how much of its population is living below the poverty line by checking whether families can afford one square meal a day that meets minimum nutrition needs.
Nevertheless none of us go for what I suspect would be the much healthier option of a square meal of meat - more likely fish these days - and two veg.
If they can't even afford to eat properly, offer to cook them a square meal once a week or let them bring their washing to do at your house to save on electricity bills.
The Scots charity, who are providing a square meal to 923,572 children every schoolday, hope to reach the million milestone early next year.
If he gets much thinner he'll need to get something inside - a square meal.