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squander something away

to waste something; to use up something valuable wastefully. Where is all the money I gave you last month? Did you squander it all away? Frank squandered away all his assets.
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squander something on someone or something

to waste all of something on someone or something. I am tired of squandering money on this rickety old house. I squandered a fortune on Roger and what did it get me?
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References in classic literature ?
Yes, 'tis too true," said Comminges, "'tis almost a prison; but what a singular fancy this is of yours, count -- you, who are the very flower of our nobility -- to squander your valor and loyalty amongst these upstarts, the Frondists
I AM going to squander it in a wild soulless revel of some sort," declared Anne gaily.
But instead of rushing through a new state-of-the-art facility for our growing criminal fraternity, it squanders barrels of cash trying to patch up a building already earmarked for closure.
The younger of the two brothers selfishly asks his father for his inheritance, effectively declaring his father dead, and then runs off and squanders the money.
The Health Service is worse now than when he took control, Welsh kids get less spent on them than their English counterparts, yet he arrogantly squanders money.
So it goes with ``Queens Supreme'' (a less than supreme title), which squanders Oliver Platt, Robert Loggia and Annabella Sciorra with been- there-done-that stories and cheeky but not actually clever dialogue.