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squabble about someone or something

to quarrel and disagree about someone or something. Please stop squabbling about Jeff, or I'll put him on my team so neither of you can have him. There is no need to squabble about the last piece of pie. There's more in the kitchen.
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squabble over someone or something

to fight over someone or something. Please don't squabble over me. I don't want to be chosen by any of you! Stop squabbling over money and go out and get a job.
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squabble with someone

to argue with someone. Please don't squabble with your sister! I wish that everyone would stop squabbling with me!
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squabble with something

to argue about something. I won't squabble with what you said, but you are wrong. One political party will squabble with any issue the other party brings up.
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corn squabble

n. a fight. (Perhaps referring to chickens fighting over corn.) Stop this silly corn squabble and let’s try to talk this through.
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This may be the background of the current squabble between the Newsletter & Electronic Publishers Association and the Foundation boards of directors over whether the association should charge the foundation an administrative fee for the various staff services it has always provided gratis (NL/NL 6/16/04).
Meanwhile, Nicoletta's Greek aunt Antonia squabbles with Steve about what should be served at dinner.
Steven notes that his father has substantial assets--including stocks, bonds, and several bank accounts--and a will would ensure that they are dispersed as the senior Woods desires, avoiding squabbles between siblings and legal hassles in state probate court.
If their squabbles are blatant attention-seeking, it's worth examining whether you're sparking sibling rivalry by showing favouritism to one or the other, or whether you take scant notice of either of them when they're not fighting.
An all-gay variation on The Real World turns the cameras on the squabbles in a summer resort
Some groups, meanwhile, fearing government intrusion in the Internet, or the bullying of small-time Internet users by big corporations, have proposed arbitration as a way to resolve cybersquatting squabbles before they get to court.
The late Professor Kruft's lofty perspective over two millennia of architectural theorizing, originally published in German in 1985 and now translated into elegantly lucid English, makes such squabbles over precedence dwindle to insignificance.
There are squabbles among the DEA agents, squabbles between the agents and their bosses, squabbles with Washington, and more squabbles with the FBI, which is worried that the DEA's Operation Swordfish will undermine its own similar Operation Greenback, or that the DEA will hog the limelight if both operations succeed.
But the larger matters at stake often become mired in political, regulatory and legal squabbles over issues such as credit-based insurance scoring and mandated health benefits.
IS anyone else tired of listening to the petty squabbles from government over gay marriage, referendums, Europe and such?
Lowy said: "Did it hurt us the squabbles about the stadia?
She squabbles constantly with her grandmother, who clings to her Italian circle of family and friends and always worries about what people will say.
Lawmakers pitched legislation addressing the issue during their 2004 session, but the bills, which drew bipartisan support, wound up the victims of political squabbles.
We can now expect him to mount a vigorous campaign to keep prayer out of schools, at long last understanding that the restriction prevents unseemly squabbles among adherents to different faiths and that, far from hurting religion, the separation of church and state serves to protect it.
After witnessing the inevitable squabbles and conflicts between family members regarding the future of Olan Mills Inc.