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squabble about someone or something

to quarrel and disagree about someone or something. Please stop squabbling about Jeff, or I'll put him on my team so neither of you can have him. There is no need to squabble about the last piece of pie. There's more in the kitchen.
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squabble over someone or something

to fight over someone or something. Please don't squabble over me. I don't want to be chosen by any of you! Stop squabbling over money and go out and get a job.
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squabble with someone

to argue with someone. Please don't squabble with your sister! I wish that everyone would stop squabbling with me!
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squabble with something

to argue about something. I won't squabble with what you said, but you are wrong. One political party will squabble with any issue the other party brings up.
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corn squabble

n. a fight. (Perhaps referring to chickens fighting over corn.) Stop this silly corn squabble and let’s try to talk this through.
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We should be working together on this, not getting involved in a tedious squabble," she said.
There were sometimes unpleasant squabbles over who controlled those funds and for what purposes they could be used.
After what was described as a "family squabble," the property ended up in the hands of Chase Manhattan Bank.
Squabble -- a playful game pitting men against women that is bound to redefine "friendly competition.
The squabble started when Isabelle ranted on her Twitter account about how Duterte should not physically hurt somebody 'just because you have a position in the city.
If they (Hurriyat) continue to squabble the there could be no meaningful dialogue," said Muhammad Altaf, a local.
You are not in government to line your pockets with gold or to squabble like school children.
Prosecutor Mark Spackman said: "The incident began in what can only be described as a petty squabble over who was driving the police van that evening.
The paperwork continues the fallout from a squabble that emerged over the weekend when Chad President Idriss Deby told Chevron and Malaysia-based Petronas that they owed $450 million in taxes.
Monza should have been the venue today for one of sport's greatest gladiatorial contests and not a playground squabble.
While the mutually irritated mother and father squabble over the television remote control and other trivialities, their two young sons listen upstairs and wonder about what lies ahead.
This is much bigger than I am, much bigger than my domestic squabble and I know that,' said Patricia, referring to the repercussions, one of which is that her allegations would put a doubt on the results of the 2016 elections.
The pair had been living with Susan Smith, Jordan's grandma and Cooper's mother, when the petty squabble escalated.
Try to keep them busy as much as possible, separately if needs be, to reduce contact and the chance to squabble.
THE three-way squabble between the main political parties and the business community over whether businesses are putting enough into Capital of Culture is something we could do without.