spurt out

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spurt something out

to eject something in a stream. The octopus spurted its ink out as the scuba diver approached it. It spurted out all its ink.
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spurt out (of someone or something)

 and spurt (out) (from someone or something)
to squirt out of someone or something; to erupt in a stream out of someone or something. Hot lava spurted out of the volcano. Hot lava spurted out from the volcano. The blood spurted out from Walter where he had been slashed. Blood spurted from the wound. The fountain had a carved fish with water spurting from its mouth.
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The objective of this study was to determine the mean chronological age at pubertal spurt and frequency of peak pubertal spurt assessed by CVM in a sample attending orthodontic clinic.
0]) located on the upward leading (right) spurt line, a decrease in the independent variable, e, results in entering the play area AG, resulting in a weak play reaction.
Acceleration of food intake does not necessarily correspond to growth and may precede or follow the adolescent growth spurt, resulting in altered intake of food contaminants on a body weight basis.
There's no known neurohormonal mechanism that would account for the stimulant-associated growth delay or subsequent growth spurt once the drugs are discontinued.
The tacky 12-page publication, called Spurt, also gives gays advice on how to pick up straight men.
After that, most children grow two to three inches a year until it's time for their "growth spurt.
Girls usually undergo their peak growth spurt around 11 to 12 years of age, with an average height gain of 3.
Energy activity remained sluggish, but there was a spurt of new drilling in the fourth quarter as exploration firms took advantage of expiring tax credits for coal-seam gas.
Another spurt in growth followed an easing of mortgage rates.
Speaking on the theme of the conference Shri Pallam Raju, Minister of State for Defence said, "As the world heads towards increasing usage of high-end electronics in security and surveillance in weapons and missiles, space and network centric warfare, it will lead to significant developments in the sector that will spurt the growth of the electronics in the semiconductor industry.
Indiana finished the first quarter on an 8-3 spurt to make it 31-21.
The aim of the present study was to find the puberty growth spurt age in local population for diagnostic and optimum treatment planning issues.
Q WHEN I am playing with my partner and give him an orgasm by hand his semen doesn't spurt out - it sort of oozes.
The most detailed portrait ever taken of the radiation left over from the Big Bang provides fresh evidence that the universe began with a tremendous growth spurt, expanding from subatomic scales to the size of a grapefruit in less than a trillionth of a second.
Over the last two years, the company has realized a 65-per-cent revenue growth spurt thanks largely to an insatiable consumer appetite for teak root benches, tables, carvings and display units.