spurt out

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spurt something out

to eject something in a stream. The octopus spurted its ink out as the scuba diver approached it. It spurted out all its ink.
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spurt out (of someone or something)

 and spurt (out) (from someone or something)
to squirt out of someone or something; to erupt in a stream out of someone or something. Hot lava spurted out of the volcano. Hot lava spurted out from the volcano. The blood spurted out from Walter where he had been slashed. Blood spurted from the wound. The fountain had a carved fish with water spurting from its mouth.
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TheGrowth Spurt Guarantee is valid for all customers with a PLAE account.
She claims a Manchester bridal shop feared she may spurt breast milk over their dresses
According to Dean, in humans, root growth spurts are just a hangover from an early stage of evolution and we retain molar roots like Homo erectus because the growth spurts use little energy for natural selection to grew them out.
Fernandez slammed in an alley-oop dunk to pull Spain within 35-27 after the first quarter and ignite a 14-2 Spain spurt that put the Spanish ahead 39-37 and the game stayed tight through the remainder of the first half.
Little is known about the biology of growth spurts," says Michelle Lampl, MD, PhD, Samuel C.
The study revealed that ageing can occur in distinct accelerated spurts with as much as 35% of ageing which normally takes place over a decade, occurring in one year alone.
I suppose it must do the same when he's inside me, but my last boyfriend seemed to spurt.
Bakersfield built a 10-point lead after a 7-0 spurt in the first half, claiming a 38-33 lead at the break.
Will I have another painful growth spurt before college?
Current figures for industrial ouput in the Ukraine are impressive, but looming mandates that will arrive with an expanded European Union (EU) could bring an end to the current growth spurt.
It should be clear that, far from the cry of the tax-consuming hordes against Proposition 13, cutting taxes will not cause a depression; it will rather cause living standards to spurt.
She believes that the slowdown during the past 18 months is temporary, and that the spurt of European acquisitions of U.
The ALACE childbirth education training program seems to be experiencing a growth spurt too
Lung function parameters undergo a growth spurt similar to the sudden increase in adolescent height and weight (51).
The tacky 12-page publication, called Spurt, also gives gays advice on how to pick up straight men.