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spin (one) a line

To tell a lie or only part of the truth in order to convince someone of something or to avoid the consequences of something. Don't you dare spin me a line about being at the library. I want to know exactly where you were tonight.
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spin in (one's) grave

To (hypothetically) show enormous anger, disfavor, or regret for someone's actions or something that happens after one has died. That is, if someone were still alive, he or she would be greatly upset, angered, or disgusted by what has happened. I can't believe you're using our employees' pension payments to prop up a Ponzi scheme. The founder of this once-great company would be spinning in his grave to see its directors stoop so low. Your poor mother would spin in her grave if she heard the horrible things you were saying about your sister. I can't believe you wrecked your grandfather's prized truck. That's enough to make him spin in his grave!
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get spun

in. to get drunk. Let’s go out and get spun.
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Traditionally, the household's women spun the flax into linen yarn and the men wove it into cloth.
Hired live-in female servants who often spun made 30s a half year.
com ships the consumer's ordered product in a box large enough to return the items they are trading in, and Spun includes a pre-paid mailing label and tape to facilitate the transaction.
Spun's consumer-driven pricing system keeps track of what Spun has in stock -- and adjusts Spun's buy and sell prices accordingly
com had previously announced a minority venture capital investment in SPUN.
Nasdaq:INLD) Tuesday announced that it has made an investment in Spun.
If Nabisco were spun off as a tax-free dividend, all these problems should be rectified.
1 billion, making Allstate the largest company to be spun off in U.
based firm which calls for IFC to provide $250,000 cash with all other assets and liabilities to be spun off prior to the acquisition.