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sprinkle someone or something with something

to lightly cover someone or something with something by scattering or sprinkling. The storm sprinkled us with a few droplets of water and then blew over. Larry sprinkled his grapefruit with powdered sugar.
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sprinkle something on(to) someone or something

 and sprinkle something on
to scatter or dribble something onto someone or something. The minister sprinkled the water onto the baby. The cook sprinkled on a dusting of powdered sugar.
See also: on, sprinkle
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Founded by Candace Nelson, judge on Food Network's hit show "Cupcake Wars," and husband Charles, Sprinkles has inspired long lines of devoted Hollywood stars and serious epicureans alike.
Sprinkles Cupcakes is well-known for its community involvement, and believes that cupcakes have the power to sweeten the day for individuals and the community at large; in fact, in a past fundraiser, Sprinkles ThinkCure
About Sprinkles: Sprinkles Cupcakes opened "the world's first cupcake bakery" in Beverly Hills, as reported by the Food Network, and is credited by the Los Angeles Times as "the progenitor of the haute cupcake craze.
Like all Sprinkles cupcakes, they are baked fresh daily from the finest ingredients available and are free of preservatives, trans fats and artificial flavors.
The Heinz Company and its Foundation have donated funding and technical and operations support to produce these Sprinkles packets for clinical field trials in Ghana (Mr.
For those who knew Mike well, he was just a big teddy bear with a boisterous voice,'' said Mike Kirkland, who worked with Sprinkles at American Medical Response ambulance service.
Sprinkles, 37, of Lancaster had worked for 10 years for American Medical Response.
However, a new breakthrough nutritional supplement called Supplefer Sprinkles is working to address this worldwide health issue.
This was a nice part of the week for the boys,'' Rosemary Sprinkles said.
The beverage is topped with whipped cream for a balance of creaminess and red sugar sprinkles to offer a festive finishing touch.
Co-workers of Lancaster resident Michael Sprinkles, a 37-year-old husband and father of two, were among the first to respond to the 6:30 a.
More than 1,000 standard-size cupcakes fly out of Sprinkles Cupcakes in Beverly Hills each day, with customers choosing from eight to 10 flavors out of the more than 20 in the store's repertoire.
Don't overlook the array of Halloween-theme pans, baking items, frostings, sprinkles, candy and even pumpkin-shaped baking pieces available at places like Target, Wal-Mart, Cost Plus and cake decorating supply stores.
Her rich and fudgy warm chocolate chip brownie sundae on the dessert menu is composed of a warm chocolate chip brownie topped with homemade espresso ice cream, cocoa sauce and little dark colored jewels of candied coffee sprinkles.
Don't forget the whipped cream, nuts, cherries and other assorted goodies (like sprinkles, candy pieces, cookie crumbles), where applicable.