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come to mind

To suddenly or immediately materialize in one's mind. A: "What would you like to have for dinner?" B: "I'm not sure, nothing's really coming to mind." He's not a writer who comes to mind when you think of crime thrillers, but his books are edgy, brilliant page-turners.
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spring to mind

To suddenly or immediately appear, materialize, or come to the forefront in one's mind. A: "What would you like to have for dinner?" B: "I'm not sure, nothing's really springing to mind." When it comes to crime thrillers, he's not a writer who springs to most people's minds, but his books are edgy, brilliant page turners.
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come to mind

Fig. [for a thought or idea] to enter into one's consciousness or be remembered. Do I know a good barber? No one comes to mind right now. Another idea comes to mind. Why not check in the phone book?
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come to mind

Be recollected, occur to one, as in A new idea just came to mind. This phrase replaced the earlier come in mind, which dates from the late 1300s. Also see bring to mind; call to mind; enter one's mind.
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come (or spring) to mind

(of a thought or idea) occur to someone; be thought of.
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come/spring to ˈmind

if something comes or springs to mind, you suddenly remember or think of it: ‘Have you any suggestions?’ ‘Nothing springs to mind, I’m afraid.’Just say whatever comes to mind — it doesn’t matter.
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Steven Madeley, general manager of St David's Shopping Centre, said: 'It might not be the first thing that springs to mind as a team away day but it was a fantastic team-building exercise that gave everyone the chance to give something back to the community
he old adage about heat and kitchens springs to mind.
What springs to mind are those he personally inflicted by lying over the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
While mobile phones are good things to have in an emergency like this and can save your life, the phrase "once bitten twice shy" springs to mind.
There's certain holes that spring to mind, the 12th at Augusta and the seventh at Pebble Beach -- and the eighth at Troon springs to mind as well; you can run up a big score there in a hurry if you're not careful.
MOVING the decks chairs around the Titanic - that's what springs to mind with the changes on the board.
Yeah, the phrase ' "sad gits"' springs to mind for starters.
But the obvious one that springs to mind is the public dislike for hospital food - thousands of cheeky hospital patients love to order in.
Agreeing to be humiliated in a documentary springs to mind, as we're sure ex-England boss Graham Taylor would agree.
You Cannae shove your granny off the bus, springs to mind.
Calling Chinese people "slittyeyed" is just one example that springs to mind.
And the phrase springs to mind when just two people turn up to a meeting organised to discuss crime problems with South Wales Police's top brass.
My most endearing memory of him was when he was still in his teens and he would catch the last North Bank 11 bus from the old Exchange in the Boro to his home in Billingham and entertain us all playing his trumpet - Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White springs to mind.