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As this roll rotates, the entire roller sleeve--as opposed to individual cords--expands and contracts to provide spreading action.
If people decide not to leave home to get food, she says, even pizza deliverers could become vehicles for spreading influenza.
Therefore, we can conclude that the last two factors may affect the nationwide spreading patterns of epidemics (15-17).
Littlerock's highest nitrate concentrations were nearly eight times the level tested below the Palmdale spreading grounds, records show.
Taking testimony will be Antonovich; Supervisor Steve Perez of Kern County, where sludge spreading is being phased out; and representatives of Assemblyman George Runner, R-Lancaster, and state Sen.
These agreements included a voluntary embrace by western rulers of the spreading language, she contends.
Lay chicken breast on one side of a long sheet of wax paper, spreading out chicken breast.
Next came a metastasis suppressor gene, called nm23, which could keep cancer from spreading.
Malignant breast tumors laced with tiny blood vessels are at high risk of spreading and thus proving fatal, according to a new report.
A 50-year-old Sherman Oaks computer executive underwent emergency surgery early Saturday at the Grossman Burn Center to stop a flesh-destroying bacteria that was rapidly spreading up his right leg, doctors said.
Called seafloor spreading, this continually active process creates all of the oceanic lithosphere -- more than 60 percent of the planet's surface.