spread too thin

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spread yourself too thin

to try to do too many things at the same time, so that you cannot give enough time or attention to any of them I realised I'd been spreading myself too thin so I resigned as secretary of the golf club.
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Bartlett would be spread too thin, but he said no one suffered any ill effects.
Cathey said the city already has something like it - the 30,000-member Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT program, which trains residents to take care of themselves and their neighborhoods when emergency resources are spread too thin.
Our playing talent is spread too thin at the top end of the club game.
forces are spread too thin and should be pulled our of several peacekeeping missions, former Army Secretary Louis Caldera thinks that the new administration will change its stance once it has a chance to see for itself the effect that these operations have had.
If you're spread too thin, and if your competitive position is weak, you become vulnerable to the market leaders.
The city's paramedics corps is currently spread too thin, which makes response times unacceptably low, and overworks paramedics to the point of mental and physical exhaustion.