spread thin

spread (yourself/itself too) thin

1. to try to do too many different things at the same time Max has spread himself thin and needs to focus on just a couple of his best ideas. The company has expanded into many different areas and has probably spread itself too thin.
2. to not have enough people or equipment to do a job well The police are spread thin and cannot provide enough protection.
See also: spread, thin

spread (oneself) thin

To work on too many projects: overextend oneself.
See also: spread, thin
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A relatively small unit, the QF is spread thin in theaters of conflict across the region, from Afghanistan to Lebanon.
McEwen said that there appears to be a "significant volume" of water, speculating it could fill many Olympic swimming pools, but that it is spread thin over a wide area.
As women don't have geographical roots like their minority counterparts, we are spread thin across several platforms and are even skeptical of one another.
This is a market where IT departments are spread thin supporting the infrastructure and the critical applications running those environments in addition to the day-to-day help desk support.
It was not so much that this particular employee was a top producer, more that I was spread thin enough in my own role and responsibilities and could not fathom that I would now be forced to hire and train a new manager.
Most providers' business offices are already spread thin enough as it is, so why not automate that process and allow collectors to focus on where they can add value, like working denials or payer issues?
With its forces spread thin, and little appetite in fragile Lebanon for a new conflict with Israel, analysts said Hezbollah would seek to respond to the raid without provoking a full-on war.
The group is spread thin with some members holding down the church and the others on a rescue mission.
This interplay might have been important shortly after the Big Bang, when a smaller universe meant a much higher density of light, but it would be undetectable now because photons are spread thin after billions of years of cosmic expansion.
Using half the buttercream and threequarters of the lemon curd, spread thin layers of both over the top of three of the sponges (leaving one to be iced).
We're spread thin covering seven states, and he's doing a thankless, yeoman's job, really courageous work.
Spread thin layer of sushi rice over each piece of non, sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds.
Saleh said the government is spread thin and that monitoring imports is not a priority.
He's spread thin and working at maximum capacity--nobody doubts that.