spray with

spray (someone or something) with (something)

To cover, coat, or soak someone or something with a stream of some mist or liquid. My parents kept spraying us with bug repellant the whole time we were camping. It got so hot that we had to spray the roads with water to keep the asphalt from melting.
See also: spray

spray someone or something with something

to coat someone or something with a mist or stream of liquid. The elephant sprayed us with water. I sprayed the fence with white paint. He sprayed himself with some of the cologne.
See also: spray
References in classic literature ?
But the waves dashed foaming up among the bare rocks at her feet, mingling their cold spray with her tears, and gave no answer to her prayer.
With a choice of two Rain sprays on every model, users can now decide whether they want a Rain spray with or without air each time they take a shower, a statement said.
It is prescribed that anyone with chronic stable angina keep nitroglycerin tablets or spray with them at all times.
It is considered mandatory to spray with a lime-sulfur concoction once all the leaves of your peach tree have fallen, and to use this same spray once again in the spring just as peach buds are about to open.
The 1988 spray with Bt must not have hit the "window of opportunity" with the precision needed, because our local moth population continued to explode.
Place lettuce in a salad bowl and spray with cooking spray for 8 seconds; toss to coat.
Place potatoes around chicken; spray with cooking spray.
Spray with a biological pesticide like Bt, which will kill caterpillars-and only caterpillars.
For another fun snack, cut won ton skin wrappers into strips, spray with butter-flavor spray, season with basil, Cajun seasoning or cinnamon-sugar and bake in a preheated 350-degree oven 10-15 minutes, or until crispy.