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sprawl about

 and sprawl around
to slouch or lounge somewhere; to spread oneself out casually while lounging. (Usually refers to habitual action, perhaps in a number of places.) He sprawled about, loafing the afternoon away. When I came into the room, four teenage boys were sprawled around the furniture, watching television.
See also: sprawl

sprawl out

to spread oneself out casually while lounging. (Usually done one time, not habitually. Compare this with sprawl about.) He sprawled out and took up most of the space. I need more room so I can sprawl out.
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sprawl out

1. To cause something to spread out in a straggling or disordered fashion: The detective sprawled the evidence out on the desk. The mechanic sprawled out the parts so that they would be easy to find. My papers are sprawled out on the desk.
2. To be spread out in a straggling or disordered fashion: Shoddy apartment buildings sprawled out across the valley.
3. To sit or lie with the body and limbs spread out awkwardly: I sprawled out on the chair, but I sat up straight when my mother walked into the room.
4. To extend oneself when lying down or sitting so that the body and limbs spread out awkwardly: I yawned and sprawled myself out in the hammock. The security guard is sprawled out in the chair, fast asleep.
See also: out, sprawl
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aspects of virtual server sprawl by allowing you to keep the big picture in
The approach used in this research involves the division of the study area into five pie sections to consider and assess the urban sprawl direction.
The third aspect of sprawl that is considered in this study is the urban development pattern.
Gridstore's next-generation NAS solution is designed for small-to-mid-sized businesses and Managed Service Providers who struggle with the risk, cost and complexity of storage sprawl and who need enterprise class storage without the cost and complexity.
So if the conventional arguments against sprawl are shaky, what is wrong with it?
Even "Vancouver is embarking on a massive road-building program that threatens [to create] sprawl in the developing parts of this region"
But the sprawl already exists in those high-desert suburbs, and denying the region an important new road is not the right way to address it.
It was concluded that urban sprawl does not cause obesity and that urban redesign will not cause people to become thin.
Duck, ruburb, tower farm, big box, and pig-in-a-python are among dozens of zany terms invented to characterise land use practices and the physical elements of sprawl.
THIS LAND: THE BATTLE OVER SPRAWL AND THE FUTURE OF AMERICA charts the evolution of development in America: a process which holds political, social and economic clashes and influences throughout the process.
IT WAS BAD enough when urban sprawl was charged with destroying community and turning us into selfish bastards.
Urban planners and other sprawl opponents believe that Americans waste land by living in low-density suburbs and that they waste energy by driving too much.
URBAN SPRAWL COSTS AMERICANS $34 MILLION a day, according to a new book that reports on a 10-year study into the economic costs of spreading out.
The impacts of sprawl on water quality and the many important recreational, marine and wildlife values of the Great Bay estuary are among the reasons CLF is tracking a two-year feasibility study for a regional sewage outfall.