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sprawl about

 and sprawl around
to slouch or lounge somewhere; to spread oneself out casually while lounging. (Usually refers to habitual action, perhaps in a number of places.) He sprawled about, loafing the afternoon away. When I came into the room, four teenage boys were sprawled around the furniture, watching television.
See also: sprawl

sprawl out

to spread oneself out casually while lounging. (Usually done one time, not habitually. Compare this with sprawl about.) He sprawled out and took up most of the space. I need more room so I can sprawl out.
See also: out, sprawl

sprawl out

1. To cause something to spread out in a straggling or disordered fashion: The detective sprawled the evidence out on the desk. The mechanic sprawled out the parts so that they would be easy to find. My papers are sprawled out on the desk.
2. To be spread out in a straggling or disordered fashion: Shoddy apartment buildings sprawled out across the valley.
3. To sit or lie with the body and limbs spread out awkwardly: I sprawled out on the chair, but I sat up straight when my mother walked into the room.
4. To extend oneself when lying down or sitting so that the body and limbs spread out awkwardly: I yawned and sprawled myself out in the hammock. The security guard is sprawled out in the chair, fast asleep.
See also: out, sprawl
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According to the authors, politically fragmented metropolitan areas sprawl more because local governments within the metro area must compete for desirable resources, including land.
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The environmental impacts of sprawl are well documented, but few studies have examined its economic costs.
Workshops and regional meetings have been held on topics as divergent as the challenges of nanotechnology, gene--environment interactions in cancer, rural environmental health (Meit 2004; O'Fallon and Dearry 2001), postindustrial environmental challenges, urban sprawl, responding to disasters, and the role of environmental factors in premature birth (Institute of Medicine 2001).
If critics argue that the New Urbanism 's iconic projects arc mostly located on greenfields and do not remedy urban sprawl, well the New Urbanists are able to do other things as well, he avers.
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Roland Sturm, a senior economist at RAND, presented data from his recent unpublished national study of the impact of suburban sprawl on the development of chronic health conditions, including obesity.
What explains the fact that most European cities gracefully end at some point, giving way to green countryside at their edges, unlike the endless miles of sprawl in America?
May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Full funding for public transportation and expansion of affordable housing in urban areas are two solutions to urban sprawl outlined by United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan and the Michigan Land Use Institute today at the "Everyone Travels" conference on transportation in Lansing.
This cutting-edge approach to development prevents the patchwork quilt of unplanned sprawl.
There's smart growth and the other kind--strip-mall suburbia called sprawl.
Rather than bemoan sprawl and the ascendancy of the private home over the public street, Lerup sees these new developments as something with which the architect can and indeed must come to grips.