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Quantitative immunohistochemical analysis showed that the immune response in skin biopsy specimens from patients with ATBF more predominantly involved polymorphonuclear leukocytes than did specimens from patients with Mediterranean spotted fever (p<0.
5%), previously found to be the most efficient diagnostic technique for spotted fever rickettsioses (27).
Characterization of spotted fever group rickettsiae in flea and tick specimens from northern Peru.
Rickettsia parkeri: a newly recognized cause of spotted fever rickettsiosis in the United States.
honei TT-118 in a clinical specimen from a patient suspected of having spotted fever rickettsiosis was achieved after clinical diagnosis and serologic analysis.
Tick-borne rickettsiae of the spotted fever group in West Pakistan.
Some 85 percent to 90 percent of the planted adult spotted bass were hooked, the biologist noted.
But the nail in the spotted bass' coffin likely was the introduction of the largemouth bass, Bottroff said.
We describe a fatal case of spotted fever rickettsiosis in a missionary from the United States who lived in a rural town in the central district of Kenya, approximately 70 km north of Nairobi.
Immunohistochemical examination for spotted fever rickettsiae was performed by using a monoclonal antibody against a lipopolysaccharide epitope distinctive for spotted fever group rickettsiae (10).
Distribution and prevalence of spotted fever group rickettsial infection in dog ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus).
Genotypic and antigenic identification of two new strains of spotted fever group rickettsiae isolated from China.
Clinical and laboratory findings of spotted fever in Israeli children.
Comparison of Western immunoblotting and microimmunofluoresence for diagnosis of Mediterranean spotted fever.