sporting chance

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sporting chance

A very good possibility (of achieving success). I've seen him practice, and there's a sporting chance he'll win the competition.
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sporting chance

a reasonably good chance. If you hurry, you have a sporting chance of catching the bus. The firm has only a sporting chance of getting the export order.
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sporting chance, a

A fair chance for success, as in She thinks she has a sporting chance for being named bureau chief. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
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a sporting chance

some possibility of success.
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a ˌsporting ˈchance

a reasonable chance of success: I know it’s going to be tough, but I think I’m in with a sporting chance of winning. OPPOSITE: not have a cat in hell’s chance
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TipGIVE birds a sporting chance by putting bells on your cat's collar.
lt;B Prince William speaks with founder of Sporting Chances, Tony Adams
The team which includes Daniel Stubbings, Michael Heylligar, and Sophie Brown held the event in partnership with Sporting Chance and Swerve Table Tennis Club.
Kleitomachos has a sporting chance at Plumpton today
Sporting Chance, founded by former Arsenal and England captain Tony Adams, runs seminars to educate players, the report further said.
Adams said: "We are already putting cricketers through the Sporting Chance Clinic, rugby players, jockeys.
He said: "Asda's Sporting Chance programme has been running now for a few years and we are delighted to have Elin allocated to our store this year.
Now in its fourth year, Sporting Chance last year saw nearly 90,000 youngsters take part in the scheme.
Now in its fourth successive year, Sporting Chance will give young and old across the UK access to more than 100,000 free sporting sessions throughout the school holidays.
5m In Post Property tomorrow ISSUE 125 FRIDAY MAY 1 2009 E D G B A S T O N H A R B O R N E H E R E F O R D S H I R E S TA F F O R D S H I R E S O L I H U L L WARWICKSHIRESHROPSHIRESTOURBRIDGEWORCESTERSHIRE A sporting chance to own one of the finest estates in Worcestershire POOLS WINNER SPA STOREY A Regency terrace in Leamington has investment appeal GOOD MANORS Stately properties for smaller spenders
dollar - but it cost a million-dollar balloon a sporting chance at the big goal.
ON behalf of a group of men from the Over Fifties Sporting Chance, we would like to offer our thanks to the staff and pupils of the Easterside Primary School who challenged the over-50s to a range of sporting activities at the new Sports Village, Middlesbrough.