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spook someone or something

to startle or disorient someone or something. A snake spooked my horse, and I nearly fell off. Your warning spooked me, and I was upset for the rest of the day.


1. tv. to frighten or startle someone or something. (see also spooked.) Something I did spooked the teller, and she set off the silent alarm.
2. n. a spy; a CIA (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) agent. I just learned that my uncle had been a spook for years.

spook factory

n. the CIA (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) near Washington, D.C., where spies are said to be trained. Tom got a job in the spook factory.
See also: factory, spook


mod. frightened or startled. The guy looked sort of spooked. He was sweating and panting like someone had scared him to death.
See also: spook
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Another implication from the target selection, which cannot have passed the spooks by, was that from now on any public, crowded venue was fair game as far the Provisional IRA were concerned.
The spooks, however, get the fright of their afterlives when Ivan the Fearless shows up.
We have always wanted to end Spooks on a high, but never knew when that time would be," says Jane Featherstone, the drama's executive producer and the chief executive of Kudos Film & Television, the production company behind it.
I might have been tempted to take off for Thames House HQ myself had so many characters in the BBC's Spooks series not had their lives so violently cut short.
To do that, the Central Intelligence Agency is spiffing up its image through a slick ad campaign that attempts to transform the agency's rep as a creepy spook shop into one of wholesome and good-humored terrorist busters who only sometimes have to lie about where they work.
Have a museum for all the stars in the main hallway," he said, referring to the Wall of Honor, a slab of white marble, emblazoned with anonymous black stars, each one memoralizing a spook killed on a mission, that adorns the lobby of CIA headquarters in Langley, Va.
Aviv, who boasts of Israeli intelligence connections and once staffed several dozen offices worldwide with other former spooks, is now placing increasing emphasis on hiring people with knowledge of accounting and computer forensic science.
He went on to appear in the TV drama Warriors and the movies Maybe Baby and Enigma, but really made his name when he took the lead role in spy drama Spooks in 2002.
All of these speakers and more will converge at the Bel Air Bay Club on June 29th for a day of frank discussions and problem solving at Taia Global's third Suits and Spooks Anti-conference, co-sponsored by the Pacific Council on International Policy.
The next edition of the Suits and Spooks Anti-conference - Suits and Spooks 2: Shaping a Revolution in Security Affairs - will draw together a diverse set of innovators and disruptive thinkers in Washington, D.
Spooks may be no more, but the legacy of the spy drama will cast a long shadow.
STRIDING purposefully out of the mist, former MI5 agent Tom Quinn comes in from the cold - for the last ever episode of spy drama Spooks.
But it's Harry and his potential for special relationships and affairs of the heart which will be mostly exercising the minds of many long-term Spooks fans.
Spooks Tonight, BBC 1, 9pm Working for MI5 is a dangerous business - Spooks must have one of the highest death rates on TV outside of Midsomer Murders.