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and spoof and card
in. to “fish” for passwords and personal information by trickery, on internet. (Sometimes by setting up a phony URL which people sign in to by giving their passwords or credit card numbers.) They must have been phishing to get my credit card number while I placed an order online.


See phish


1. n. a parody. The first act was a spoof of a Congressional investigation.
2. tv. to make a parody of someone or something. The comedian spoofed the executive branch by sitting in a big chair and going to sleep.
3. Go to phish.


and carding and phishing 1
n. stealing passwords and personal information on the internet. (see also phish for an explanation.) He set up an evil twin for spoofing at the coffee shop.
See also: spoof
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THE commercial of the shopping portal spoofs a prominent news channel and its volatile anchor, known for his attacking style, while discussing the perks of shopping online.
The proposed spoof attack detection algorithm focus on three different types of spoof attacks so called: Impersonation, Hiding attack, Reflection attack named as Packet Resonance Strategy (PRS).
The rest of the film is basically framed in a spoof of "The Chronicles of Narnia," an odd choice.
Earlier, he had said that the item was clearly labelled as a spoof.
In a nutshell: Spoof of recent fright flicks, plus "Brokeback Mountain," "Million Dollar Baby," Michael Jackson and Tom Cruise because, I suppose, they're there.
Sheen pretty much sleepwalks through his scenes and Queen Latifah is wasted as The Oracle in a Matrix spoof.
Another horror spoof, "I Know What You Screamed Last Semester," is waiting in the wings from Lions Gate.
S hit-and-run spoof Gap posters are not as conspicuous a coup de main as one might wish: they look a bit too much like the Gap's own ads, user-friendly and generically white--"Samantha, pink panther, wears an antiviolence whistle.
Techies say that despite the release of two Android voice assistant app, Robin and Speaktoit Assistant, Siri still is the queen of voice assistants, although spoof makers continue to make light of Siri's inability to function well in other countries outside the U.
While no Airplane (although it is directed by that film's director David Zucker) this is still a clever spoof which hasn't been burned on celluloid for any deeper meaning but making you laugh, especially if you are a regular cinema-goer.
Unlike satires of more serious subjects, movie spoofs don't have to be smart.
com said phrases used in the documents were the same as the 1979 spoofs.
Thick and fast the spoofs have come, many starring sensible actors - Charlie Sheen in Hot Shots and Val Kilmer in Top Secret.
The Blair Witch Mountain Project' is essentially a spoof of the `Blair Witch' spoofs," noted Eissinmann, who wrote the story with his wife Alex.