sponge away

sponge something away

to absorb, wipe up, and wipe away something, as with a sponge. Try sponging the stain away with some soda water. I will sponge away the mess.
See also: away, sponge
References in classic literature ?
Oh, tell me I may sponge away the writing on this stone.
That was simply untrue and a reflection of his own prejudice then, a prejudice we are still only beginning to sponge away from society now.
Simply warm up a kettle of water, pour into a large pan and sponge away.
The city's stormwater drains meant to sponge away the water from flooded roads proved unequal to the task.
Spread over the bowl and leave for a few hours, then sponge away and flush.
It makes more sense to suction or sponge away the blood and then cover the bleeder with a lap pad and slowly roll the pad away Then, just as the site starts to bleed, use the cautery This directly targets the bleeder and avoids boiling a large area.