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Some possible answers: simoleans, fivers, dough, clams, gravy, sawbucks, spondulicks, scratch, moolah, wampum, fivers, greenspots, fins, bread, C-notes, etc.
I wouldn't be opposed to it but I think the economic climate is militating against it a little bit, despite our generous sponsor, but I don't think his spondulicks would extend that far.
Even when you're a toff and you've landed plenty of spondulicks at Epsom, that kind of money isn't trouser change, so it's little wonder that the Ouija Board team had been walking on eggshells.
But spondulicks, which thrived briefly in the UK in the first half of the 20th century, and is thought to be US university slang for the Greek word spondulikos, referring to the shells used as an early form of money, failed to catch on.
And spondulicks refers to ancient Greece, where spondulikos were shells used as an early currency.
MY pals in the Cumbernauld and Kilsyth SNP have been teasing me about an alleged "tightness" in parting with the spondulicks.
The union reckons pounds 30m from soaring small-screen spondulicks represents a large cut in real terms, and will ballot members on strike action.
Any interest in maximising the quality of the beverage has been wholly consumed by a simple desire to maximise the size of the pile of spondulicks.
CONGRATULATIONS to Callie Rogers, the 16-year-old girl who won the best part of two million spondulicks last Saturday.
The next stage had him actually being paid serious spondulicks to play certain models.
95, shown in Heather, is almost as good for a lot less spondulicks.
Never have I seen such hate mail as I received following comments about this civilised, well-educated lady winning the spondulicks.