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The state is earnestly determined to fight the phenomenon of spoilt and expired food commodities sold by a small group of unconscientious expatriates," he said.
Spoilt Cow's collection is exceptional, so be the first to capture yourself a truly unique piece of stylish jewellery.
The inspectors said they issued a warning only to the hypermarket because it was the first time they confiscated spoilt fish from there.
Last year, the Dubai Customs seized another consignment of spoilt meat from an African country weighing one tonne, consequent to the test results the Dubai Municipality provided, stating that it was unfit for human consumption.
Rhianna will get spoilt rotten, but she is already spoilt.
They are spoilt and feel that the world basically owes them, and that other children should be as in awe of them as their families,' she said.
An analysis of spoilt paper figures issued by Sunderland City Council, which oversaw the count for the whole region, showed a higher proportion came from urban areas.
So are they spoilt or are they just sharing in the benefits of an affluent society?
Martin Reeves, Coventry City Council's chief executive and the returning officer responsible for the Coventry count, said there had been an unusually high number of deliberately spoilt ballot papers.
DOES anyone else remember the Viz character, Spoilt B***d, the brat who always got his own way?
North east tv viewers will get the chance to see an exclusive pilot of new BBC comedy drama Spoilt.
Webber said: "We were spoilt with how good the race unfolded in Spa, so let's hope Monza is the same.
I enjoyed the day, the only thing that spoilt it was the result.
I don't think paranoid is the word to describe Amanda - more like insecure and spoilt.
SO the world's most advanced country puts up a boring, spoilt little rich kid against a thick, spoilt little rich kid to decide who should be the most powerful man on earth.