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In Wales the largest number of spoiled ballots came from the Cardiff South and Penarth constituency, where 121 were wrecked.
Officials seized all the processed and non-processed spoiled chicken products from the factory.
But around the coast and in Leinster clouds spoiled what was shaping up to be the best weather this year.
My elderly mother, who is 81, spoke to the "ladies" and remarked that they had spoiled the night for many people.
Nelson said: "Nothing has been said in the dressing about Ben's comments but if you saw some of the places I have trained you wouldn't believe I had been spoiled.
BEIRUT: Two brothers were sentenced to jail time Wednesday after being charged with processing and selling spoiled meat and other expired food products in Beirut last year.
Had the ballot paper been classed as spoiled, she and her political rival would have drawn straws to decide who would take office.
I am having so much fun meeting these owners and their spoiled rotten pets, and even participating in some of the spoiling
There were more spoiled ballot papers in Coventry than votes for the Liberal Democrat candidate, Ayoub Khan, who polled just 783 votes.
The residents have demanded of the police to take action against the gambling dens on priority basis to save the bright future of the youngsters of the area from being spoiled.
6 (Petra)--About 113 Sri Lankan females working at the Sri Lankan Embassy in Amman were hospitalized on Saturday after consuming spoiled food, according to the Civil Defence Department (CDD).
com)-- Spoiled Rotten Events, Mobile Day Spa & On-Site Beauty Salon, is pleased to announce that as of September 6th, 2012 they are expanding their current coverage area and will now offer day spa/salon services as well as spa parties to residents of Ventura County.
Some companies currently are studying whether nanotechnology can be used in packaging to identify when food has spoiled or to even stop food from spoiling.
Washington, May 6 ( ANI ): Jay-Z has admitted that that his daughter Blue Ivy Carter would probably be the "worst, spoiled little kid ever.
VANESSA OPSTAL IS SURROUNDED BY a quirky melange of Old World crystal vials and space-age plastic tubes at Simply Spoiled, a cheery 21st-century iteration of a Renaissance apothecary.